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Please add a toggle for Dark Mode as Alteryx, after all these years of using it, is burning out my retinas. 


The OS and most apps have a Dark Mode theme so flipping back to a bright white canvas is very jarring.  I tried to adjust the canvas colors in a more muted way but never can get it to work satisfactorily and still be as easy to read as the retina burning default.  


When we create new workflows, we like to have them in our company template, to stnadardise documentation. This makes it easier for a supervisor to review, and for a colleague to pick up the workflow and understand what is going on. For instance, we have all data input on the left, and all error checks and workflow validation on the right, and a section at the top with the workflow name, project name, purpose etc. We have a workflow that we use as a template with containers, boxes and images all in the appropriate places


It would be great if there was an option to select a workflow as a template. When a new workflow is opened, it would load this template rather than having a blank canvas.

Currently the InDB tools require to select a DSN that is defined on your computer.


This makes any workflow which uses a DSN incredibly painful to deploy to the server, since the DSN needs to be created on every worker node and for a large server environment this can  mean creating DSN entries on 6+ worker nodes in prod plus prod server plus dev/UAT environment plus dev/UAT worker nodes.


Could we please change the InDB tools to default to DSN-less connections, where the connection persists the connection details in-line so that it can deploy to the server without a DSN setup (since all connection details are contained within the connection string)?


Thank you


CC: @rijuthav @jithinmony @HengHe @RajK @ydmuley @revathi @Deeksha @MPistone @Ari_Fuller @Arianna_Fuller @JoshKushner @samnelson @avinashbonu @Sunder_Sriram @Rahul_Thakur @Rahul_Singh



Please add UI-related Themes to choose from such as a Dark Theme, so that all aspects of the UI changes accordingly.


Without a Dark Theme, it is very difficult to work in Designer for a long time.


Add these themes under User Settings --> Themes tab



When creating a workflow I generally open a "TEMPLATE" first and then immediately save it to the "NEW WORKFLOW NAME".  My template includes all my preferences that aren't set naturally within the user settings and won't get RESET by them either.  It has a comment box and containers as well as logos and copyrights.  It would be nice to have ready access to this feature.  Maybe others have standards that they want applied to all users and their workflows too.





I have been developing and accumulating custom functions over the years and they have proved to be very useful.  I am submitting these here.  I hope they are found to be beneficial.

Functions included in the attached file include:

  • DateTime
    • StandardDate(String) - Transforms any valid string to the standard date format yyyy-mm-dd
  • File
    • FileDirDepth(Path) - Returns the zero based depth of the path (zero being the root)
    • FileGetFolder(Path, Depth) - Returns the folder name given the zero based depth in the path (zero being the root)
  • String
    • LeftPart(String, Separator) - Returns the left part of a string up to the first separator
    • RightPart(String, Separator) - Returns the right part of a string after the first separator
    • Split(String, Delimiter, Index) - Returns the zero indexed part of a delimited string
    • CleanSpace(String) - Trims string and replaces multiple spaces with a single space
    • UnicodeToASCIIBasic(String) - Replaces all Unicode Characters with ASCII Basic equivalents
  • Test
    • InList(Variable, List) - If Variable is in List returns True. List must be pipe delimited
    • IsValidEmail(String) - Returns True if string is a valid email format
    • IsUUID(String) - Returns True if string is a valid UUID

To make these functions available in Alteryx, place the attached xml file in the folder C:\Program Files\Alteryx\bin\RuntimeData\FormulaAddIn if you have a standard installation. If the install is non-standard, find the \bin\RuntimeData\FormulaAddIn folder and place the attached xml file there.  Ateryx will need a restart for the functions to be available.

Hi Team,


I would like to make some suggestions for future release. I am a big fan of the "retro" alteryx look and would like the option to select that look under User Settings. There should also be some other set themes for user to use. a "Light" version, "Dark" (for the true developer feel) and some grayscale standards or color blind adapted themes. 


I have a number of reservations to the new look design (I can put those in a separate post if the team really wants to hear them) but please put the 'retro' button in user settings for me and I will be a happy analyst.


Keep up the good work!!!

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