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I would like to see Designer offer me the ability to chain workflows together where once Workflow A completes, Workflow B will automatically start.  There are times when linear processing is required in order to avoid dependency issues and/or for making it easier to organize complex processes. It would require outputting results to static files and it would take longer to process than the standard approach, but that is an expected trade-off.  Offering a GUI drag-drop "orchestrator" to tell Designer the order of operation would be even better than having to manually open each workflow and tell it which workflow to kick off next.

When you start using DCM - you may have existing canvasses which use regular old connection strings which you want to migrate to DCM.


Currently (in 2023.1.1.123) - when you select "Use Data Connection Manager" - it shreds the configuration of your input tool which makes it difficult to just convert these from an existing connection to a DCM connection




The only way to then make sure that you don't lose any configuration on the tool then is to use the XML editing functionality of the tools and copy across your old configuration.


Could you please add the capability to keep my current tool configuration, but just change from using a regular old connection string to using DCM?


Many thanks 



cc: @wesley-siu @_PavelP 


When I import an Excel file in to Alteryx I get an error: “shared strings root=x:sst” and Alteryx cannot read the file.

I can work around this by manually opening and saving the excel before importing it into Alteryx but this is not ideal, especially considering the automation implications.

I believe this may be happening because the XLSX generated by the source of the report has a prefix “x:” in all the tags in the Shared String XML embedded in Excel. See: 

Essentially, it would appear Alteryx is not able to read generated Excel sheets which has the prefix "x:" (e.g. from a bot). The second file which has been opened and saved in Excel manually can be read by Alteryx correctly.


Example of file as exported from ”BOT”:



How the same file looks once it is manually opened and saved:


Ideally Alteryx would read the file as is, i.e. with the "X:SST" tag seen above as having to manually open and save the excel before it can be read is rather clunky.



There should be a quick way to delete all unwanted tools for specific output/browse tool in workflow. This would be useful when we have huge multiple cross connect workflow. By deleting all not requited tools, it would make it easy and faster to test as segregated.

The more python and R development I do the more I want to use the shortcutes [CTRL] + [ENTER] to run my workflow,


Is it possible to add this as a second way to run the workflow? 


I'm thinking its going to have to have a new shortcut anyways with cloud as [CTRL] + [R] would refresh the page! :D


Asking for a friend :D

Hello Alteryx Community,

If like me, you've been developing in Alteryx for a few years, or if you find yourself as a new developer creating solutions for your organization - chances are you'll need to create some form of support procedure or automation configuration file at some point. In my experience, the foundation of these files is typically explaining to users what each tool in the workflow is doing, and what transformations to the data are being made. These are typically laborious to create and often created in a non-standardized way.


The proposal: Create Alteryx Designer native functionality to parse a workflow's XML and translate the tool configurations into a step by step word document of a given workflow.


Although the expectation is that after something like this is complete a user may need to add contextual details around the logic created, this proposal should eliminate a lot of the upfront work in creating these documents.


Understand some workflow may be very complex but for a simple workflow like the below, a proposed output could be like the below, and if annotations are provided at the tool level, the output could pick those up as well:



Workflow Name: Sample

1) Text Input tool (1) - contains 1 row with data across columns test and test1. This tool connects to Select Tool (2).

2) Select Tool (2) - deselects "Unknown" field and changes the data type of field test1 to a Double. This tool connects to Output (3).

3) Output (3) - creates .xlsx output called test.xlsx 

Hi there,


When you connect to a DB using a connection string or an alias - this shows up in the Workflow Dependancies in a way that is very useful to allow you to identify impacts if a DB is moved or migrated.


However - in 2023.1, if you use DCM then the database dependancies just show up as .\ which makes dependancy management much more difficult.





Please could you add the capability to view the DCM dependancies correctly in the dependancy window?


BTW - this workflow Dependancy Window would be a great place to build a simple process to move existing DB connections to a DCM connection!


CC: @wesley-siu @_PavelP 

Currently, the "SQL editor" window only contain a box for typing text in, we could not see the schema and table on it's side as a reference, we need to jump back and force between "Visual Query Builder" and "SQL Editor" search for table and column names. If we could see the database schema and table in the SQL Editor interface, it will save us a lot of time.

Hi there,


When connecting to data sources using DCM - could we please add the ability to make JDBC connections?




As mentioned in these threads - JDBC is very common in large enterprises - and in many cases is better supported by the technology teams / developer community and so is much easier to make a connection.    Added to this - there are many databases (e.g. DB2) where JDBC connections are just much easier 


Please could you add JDBC connections to the DCM tooling?


Thank you



cc: @wesley-siu @_PavelP 

Hello All,


I am not sure whether my idea makes sense or not. 


In today's advanced analytics world, we used RPA for various automation, process simplification, etc. There are CO-BOTs that are designed to run the Alteryx flow as well. Through RPA we are able to log in to the system and tools like Cognos, Oracle, TM1, and so on.


So, I am thinking, if Alteryx developed RPA as a tool in the Alteryx Designer like other tools such as Join, Transform, ML, Computer Vision, Interface, etc. 


I believe the implementation of RPA in Alteryx will prove an Asset, and make more powerful.




I was looking at the ideas history to see if this was already posted and couldn't find it, but feel free to merge if there is a existing one.


The motivation for this is that I have a workflow that works perfectly when you hit the run button in Designer, but fails when runs from schedule (To local computer).


So the idea is to allow the users to run the workflows from within the scheduler, once a workflow has been scheduled (So it runs exactly as it'll be when the schedule triggers it, but without having to reschedule every time).




Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't this possible in old (I mean very old)  versions of Designer?




If you have 2 containers  A, B and both are not connected through any tool, now you need to run A container first then after completion of running A container then you want to start B container process because B container uses A container output. 


For this we have Chained Apps but what if we want to run both containers in same workflow. This feature will be helpful for so many people.

Passing data to the next app running in a chain from the gallery varies from challenging to impossible. An impossible situation I've found is when the same user needs to run multiple instances of the app simultaneously. Very difficult is just allowing two different users to run simultaneously without risk of passed data mixing between the two.


This idea would add the capability to pass values from one app in the chain into user variables in the next app in the chain.




To enable a check mark kind of option to lock or edit the configuration window of each tool.


It could be very useful to keep safe the settings in the configuration window.




Hi Team,

This is very helpful if you add the run and stop option in scheduled workflow for Alteryx designer desktop automation. There is no option of pausing the workflow. this idea should be implemented that will make life easy who are running n- number of workflows.





Github support. push/pull your workflow code directly to/from a repo. I posit this is the single biggest feature misisng form Alteryx -and I'm be happy to blab on and on to the product team about how not having this is a huge miss.


Hi is it possible to look at alteryx workflows being run when a file has been dropped into a file or somehting along those lines? I.e an external activty has taken place


FILE==>Open Recent==>

(add the ability to Pin Favorite Workflows)


The Pinned workflows will persist at the top of your recent files each time you open your Alteryx Designer Application.


Provide Desktop Automation with Workflow REST API to have the ability to start workflows from other corporate systems without expensive Server license in a small environment.


Using Email tool, you are not able to send email via SMTP server that uses STARTTLS protocol and self-signed certificate for completing the handshake between the client and the server. You face an error:



This is due to the fact that the Alteryx Designer SMTP client uses cURL and it does not read the Microsoft cert store, but instead looks at a specific .pem file listed in the installation directory: {AlteryxInstall}\bin\RuntimeData\Certificates\cacert.pem


I would really appreciate if Alteryx Designer will be able to look into the Microsoft certificates store so that it should be able to use self-signed certificates available there.

Self-signed certificates are often use in the companies in order to get more secures their own communications.



please refer to the case #00447188 for more details

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