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Just thought up a simple improvement to the US Geocoder macro that could potentially speed up the results. I'm doing an analysis on some technician data where they visit the same locations over & over again. I'm doing a full year analysis (200k + records) & the geocoder takes a bit to churn thru that much data. In the case of my data though, it's the same addresses over & over again & the geocoder will go thru each one individually.


What I did in my process & could be added to the macro is to put a unique tool into the process based off address, city, state, zip, then Geocode the reduced list, then simply join back to the original data stream using a join based off the address, city, state, zip fields (or use record id tool to created a unique process id to join off).


In my case, the 200k records were reduced to 25k, which Alteryx completed in under a minute, then joined back so my output was still the 200k records (all geocoded now).


Not everyone will have this many duplicates, but I'd bet most data has a few, & every little bit of time savings helps when management is waiting on the results haha!

For those of us dealing with mail files, it would be nice to be able to run presort discounts, but we need the following CASS fields for those discounts:

Line of Travel, Ascending/Descending Code & Walk Sequence.

For those with large web and streaming-media server logs, the ability to geocode IP addresses be an excellent feature, similar to Alteryx's ability go geocode street addresses. Several IP geocoding services exist, with different levels of accuracy and cost. Ideally, the user should be able to choose their own service if they have one, in addition to a default service built-in to Alteryx.


A proof of concept is documented in this post


The IP geocoding tools should include:

  • IP address to IP number conversion, and the reverse
  • IPv4 and IPv6
  • Output for postal code, country, city, state, latitude/longitude centeroids




US and Canada datasets are underlined so far but,


Alteryx is expanding towards, Denmark, Germany, France and several other countries...

The question is; Why don't we have Eurostat data provided as well?





Bulk options for some datasets are available.

Even one can get a grasp on micro datasets and Alteryx may have a deal inf this micro dataset is anonymized...












When working with my company’s IT department, they do not allow employees to have admin rights to their computers. This becomes problematic when trying to use the CASS download and not being able to install it. Is there a way to get the CASS data install to be a non-admin like the Alteryx tool? This would be very helpful!!


Thank you

I have records of with several address fields per store: address 1, address 2, address 3.(e.g. po box 123, 456 main st, suite 600).
I geocode each address field in different iterations, but I want my final input to contain the best geocoding level. e.g. Actual before Zip9. 
Can we rank the geocoding levels like this below? Then it will be easier to filter out the best geocoding level.

1. Actual
2. Street
3. Intersection
4. Extrapolate
5. ZIP9
6. ZIP7
7. ZIP5
x. Not Coded

Workflow Dependencies is a great feature. It would be even better if you can save several configurations so that you can switch between them with 1 click only, saving the effort to copy and paste. For example:


Configuration Name Local Test Production Custom
Dependency 1 Path 1A Path 1B Path 1C (Null)
Dependency 2 Path 2A Path 2B Path 2C (Null)
Dependency 3 Path 3A Path 3B Path 3C (Null)



Something similar to the Field Configuration (Field Type Files) for Select Tool.


Another option is you save several dependencies there so that you can choose them in the drop-down list of Input and Output tools.


This would facilitate sharing and deployment.

When city is not provided StreetGeocoder tool returns the first one in alphabetical order associated with provided ZIP code. For example, if you submit "380 New York St, 92373" the geocoder will return you "MARIGOLD, CA", instead of Redlands, CA which is the primary place name for 92373 ZIP code.


So if an address has multiple city names within the geocode table, can we provide the recommended city name?

StreetGeocoder when finds an address returns its fields in CAPITAL CASE which is no good for showing to user. Can it return in a correct title case? AFAIK, source data are in valid title case, but the tool or data preparation team make a standardization which actually makes all letters capital.

It would helpful if you have a tool which will help us to filter out the data using CASS results column in a meaningful way. On the other day, I CASS'ed 2MM customers and ended up with 1500 combination of CASS result codes. I don't think we would have time to sit walk through all the 1500 combination to find out which I should call it as correct addresses and not the right ones. If you have one already that I didn't know of, please guide me.



Currently, the Parse Address tool cannot parse a field where the entire address, including so-called "last line" information (city/state/zip), is in all in the same field - it can only parse a street address contained in one field and last line information contained in a second field.  Can this tool be enhanced so that it can parse a full address in a single field?


A great feature would be for CASS to provide the address type as Residential or Business.  Better yet, further breakdown of address type into single-family, apartment, retail, office, commercial, warehouse, etc.  This would be very beneficial when analyzing address data from the Tom Tom Address Points Calgary database and can allow a end-user to filter prioritize addresses in their analysis based on the type of address.


How about adding the ability to split intersecting trade areas at the points of intersection to create two new spatial objects.  The two objects could then be used to process customer records and divide them into "territories" based on  the line of intersection.




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