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Would like more info on subscription emails

@TreyW I'm loving all of the community updates! 1 thing I do miss is the ability to sort my community subscription emails based on looking for certain key phrases. Specifically, I like to know when someone is posting a comment/reply on an ideas board. My email updates from the ideas board used to include the word idea in the body of the email like so:



Now with the updates to the various boards, it looks like the word "ideas" was dropped from my notification emails, so now I can't tell that it was an ideas post:


It would be great if "idea" could be added back to email updates!




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Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team
Status changed to: Coming Soon

Hi @patrick_digan - great call out. While this did clean up the navigation, it did impact emails and an internal tool that we used. Lesson learned, and we're going to roll back the changes! Thank you so much for surfacing this - appreciate the feedback and transparency!