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Accessibility Idea

Nice podcast on Accessibility! I recently passed my Core Certification and I am a frequent user of the interactive videos which are great, so thank you. I love that there are transcripts on these, as I learn best by reading.


Have you considered making the playback speed adjustable on these resources? On audiobooks I usually slow it down to .75 or .8 speed and it's a big help, especially when I don't want to miss an important word or concept. I believe Netflix is also adding speed adjustment options. I know that there are people with auditory processing disorders that could probably benefit from a feature like that as well.  





Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team
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Hey @StellaBon,


So glad to hear you liked the Accessibility episode! 


I love the idea of having an adjustable speed option on the Community podcast page. A quick solution to this would be to check out Alter Everything on a podcast player of your choice like Spotify or Overcast. Just search for "Alter Everything" on the app and subscribe 🙂


We also have episode transcripts available on each episode page on Community - just scroll down and click on the "Spoiler" box to expand the transcript text.


I hope this helps! Keep the ideas coming, they're much appreciated!




P.S. Congratulations on your certification! That is a HUGE accomplishment worth celebrating.

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Thank you! I'm super proud of getting core certified, though I am floundering badly with the Udacity course. (It does not have the step-by-step training approach that Alteryx does so well.)

My suggestion was not for the podcasts but for the interactive videos. For example, I have been in touch with another student who is trying so hard but struggling to pass Core Cert because he has high-functioning autism and tends to need more time with everything. Though I am not autistic, I can relate!  

Thanks for getting back to me, this community is fantastic and I really enjoy your podcasts!




Hi @StellaBon,


Glad to hear that you enjoy the Interactive Lessons and they have been helpful. We get many requests for the ability to change the playback speed (both slower and faster) but we do not have the capability to add that feature in our current system. The best we can offer is the full transcript in the Resources section and the seekbar at the bottom of the lessons to replay sections easily. 


As for your fellow student taking the core certification, the best course of action is reaching out to for more information and assistance. 


Best of luck in the Udacity course and Happy Alteryx-ing!

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Ok, thanks, I will pass on that info to them!

Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team
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