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The highly anticipated Alteryx Community tradition is back! We hope you'll join us!

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Virtual Grand Prix Trophy



How about having a page dedicated to the Grand Prix?  It could include a virtual trophy and bios of the winners (even the participants).  It might also be interesting to have links to the actual problems that they had to solve and potentially even have the data too for download.  Videos of the winning experiences would be a bonus.





Superb idea Mark!

I would love to try my hand at these challenges too (as would many, I'm sure) and that would give people a sense of how amazing this achievement is.


Community Manager
Community Manager
Status changed to: Comments Requested

Thanks for sharing your excitement and enthusiasm for the Grand Prix! Perhaps we should consider building something similar to the Excellence Awards Hall of Fame, or even expanding the scope to include things like the Grand Prix, and other accolades, like Expert Certified users?


I also love the idea of sharing the challenges with the community... either via Engine Works blog or maybe @JoeM and @ChristineB could create a slightly different version of the problem and present it as a weekly challenge?


I'd love to hear what others think as well!


Thanks again @MarqueeCrew for thinking outside the box!


Community Manager
Community Manager

Just wanted to provide a quick update for those who may not tune in to the Weekly Challenges.


The first Grand Prix workflow from Inspire Anaheim has been posted as our 125th Weekly Challenge!

Challenge #125: US Grand Prix Lap 1 - Data Prep


The second and third GP workflows will be made available (via Weekly Challenge as well) in upcoming weeks!

Director, Community Operations
Director, Community Operations
Status changed to: Now Available