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maybe the monthly update could include counts of newly certified community members in the monthly post? 







A great way to promote and share the awesome Alteryx Certification process is to allow Badge and Certification URL  to show up in LinkedIn.  Here is example of IBM certification badges:



I would like to see a beta testing badge. It would be cool for each version so we can see who is pushing for a better Alteryx future.



How about having a page dedicated to the Grand Prix?  It could include a virtual trophy and bios of the winners (even the participants).  It might also be interesting to have links to the actual problems that they had to solve and potentially even have the data too for download.  Videos of the winning experiences would be a bonus.




I am meeting a lot of awesome people at #Inspire17!! ...but when I went to try and find some of them on the Community, I realize there is no easy way to do this. How cool would it be for there to be a User or People section on the Community where you could find people by querying their public stats (or even private stats if the user checks something saying to make those stats public)?! This feature could help tremendously with networking! Here's some situations where something like this would help:


"I remember this guy worked for x-company, if only I could see their name, I would know who it is"

"I want to connect with other Alteryx users near me"

"I want to reach out to this presenter from Inspire17, but I forgot what their Community Username was"


It would be useful to be able to copy and paste images directly into the discussion forums. In heavily locked down IT environments, such as at my current client site, it's not possible to use the insert/edit image button. The only way I can load an image to a discussion is to copy into a word doc and attach it.


The Tableau forums allow a simple copy/paste of an image into their forums, implementing that same functionality into the Alteryx forum would be a big help. Even for users who are able to load images it would save them time, instead of having to save an image then upload, ctrl-c ctrl-v is much quicker.

I see I can go month by month but takes quite a bit of time. The weekly challenge index is very helpful and useful 🙂 

Maybe I missed (if so, please tell me where is it), but a "Remember Me" or "Stay Connected" option would be great, so our sessions doesn't end (I keep this webpage opened almost all day).


The Alteryx community serves many people across many continents.  When a user posts a comment or wants to read a post, there should be an option to "Translate" the post to their preferred language.




Could the online status for a user be put next to their name everywhere in the community and not just in the 'My friends' section of our profiles? It would really help knowing for when I want to send a PM to someone about a quick question or something. It would also just be pretty interesting to know.

We got,


Why not an;


Maybe this is just a "temporary" badge, but I had the thought that as we register for Inspire18, that we could earn a registration badge.  You could see who's coming to inspire and communicate beforehand.  Similarly, if I see a post from someone that isn't registered I could suggest a session for them.




Could we add a DATA category so we can share links to different (open source) datasets? For example, it took me a while to find a RELIABLE source for past US election data and other Alteryx users may benefit from it.

2012 federal election results:

or past elections:

or shapefiles containing county polygons with results for 2012/2008:


Hello Team - Maybe a simple fix, but could you please change the color of the font with which the names of the user groups leads are written. Most of the time, it's barely visible.



Lumping Connect in with Gallery makes it difficult to find things specific to Connect. There is already one thread tagged as "Connect," which has nothing to do with Connect. I know it is new, and there is little activity, but with the issues I am experiencing, I expect the space to explode very quickly.

Hi all,


Is there a way to find out whether the solution to the weekly challenge has been accepted?

Is it also possible to track the status of the challenges - e.g. which ones have been replied to, and of them which have been solved?


Many thanks!

I'd love to see an option for  "With ALL of the words" in Advanced Search as well as "With one or more of the words".

This is probably just the neat-freak inside of me but I've been noticing more an more Community posts that don't really belong where they are. Examples:

  1. Someone poses a question in the wrong Discussion category.
  2. Someone poses a Knowledge Base or Live Training style article as a Discussion.
  3. Someone poses a question in the Ideas area.
  4. Someone poses an idea for something that can already be done with Alteryx (something that should be moved to a Discussion)
  5. Someone poses a discussion only to find out that there is no solution (something that should be moved to Ideas)

To help the moderators out, I think adding a "Suggest Move" option to the Options Menu on a post (pictured below) would be valuable.


Options Menu.PNG


When selecting this option a little window could pop up with a list of the different areas of the Community. The user would then select the one that they feel the post should be moved too. Moderators would then see all the suggested moves on a special screen and perform the move if they agree. Ideally, any hyperlinks to the moved post that exist within other posts on the community would be redirected.


The positive benefits of this would be:

  • Making it easier to find content
  • Refining the scope of Ideas Alteryx needs to consider
  • Reducing the number of unanswered posts for people seeking to help solve others' discussions (there's a lot of Live Training posts that appear in the Unanswered Posts queue)

It would be really nice to be able to sort Discussion Forum posts by the 4 stats that you give for each -- Unread, Replies, Stars, Views

How about a filter that would reveal all ZERO reponse items in the Discussion forums?  This would reveal old questions that never found a response.