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Excellence Awards Hall of Fame

Award winners are now immortalized here. Dive into their stories!
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Welcome to the Alteryx Analytics Excellence Awards Hall of Fame!

At Alteryx, we’re constantly impressed with the amazing things that you do with our platform. The annual Alteryx Analytics Excellence Awards program recognizes outstanding excellence, celebrates your best Alteryx success stories and acknowledges the significant impact of individuals and teams on their organizations, and the world of analytics.

Immortalized below are the winners who took away the coveted Alteryx Analytics Excellence Awards over the years. Thank you all for taking the time to share your use cases and stories!

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2018 Award Winners

Excellence Award Winner

Jim DeLisle
University of Missouri - Kansas City
Team: Brent Never, Ron House

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Excellence Award Winner

Caleb Catalano
The Academy Group
Team: Alteryx for Good/Slalom Consulting

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Excellence Award Winner

Scott Peacock
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Excellence Award Winner

Alexandra Mannerings
Colorado Hospital Association
Team: Collaborators: Diane Rossi MacKay, Dominick Kuljis, Ashley Baker, Don Stader

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2017 Award Winners

Best Onboarding Deployment

Adam Rant
Team: Tom Madden, Jordan Howell, Brian Conrad, Megn Liley, Sanskar Mishra

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Best Use of Server

Joseph Majewski
Honeywell Aerospace
Team: Niki Yang, Larry Scates, Dan Trimble, Richard Haas, Wendy Edsall, Sherri Benzelock

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Best Use of Spatial

Ryan Bruskiewicz
Qral Group
“Reduced time needed to complete spatial analysis from 1-2 months to 1 day, which includes time savings across each spatial step from data acquisition, loading, preparation, alignment optimization, and results visualization.”

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Best Value Driven

Team: Justin Conley, Willian Storey, Jeff Bevan

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Icon of Analytics

Tim Chandler
Team: Amy Jorde, Ambika Suresh, Praneesha Gaddam

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Community Top Contributor

Mark Frisch
Marquee Crew
“Because of Alteryx, I became a change agent, empowered to not only move myself up the career ladder, but also to share with my colleagues and make them more successful in their jobs.”

Alteryx For Good Champion

Tara McCoy
Recognized for her outstanding support of Luvin Arms Farm Sanctuary, empowering them to use Alteryx to build a land finder and purchase the perfect land to expand their sanctuary, save more animals, do more outreach and build permanent structures.

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Alteryx For Good Champion

Deanna Sanchez
Teknion Data Solutions
Recognized for her outstanding support of The Commit! Partnership, coordinating a dozen of volunteers who worked to transfer laborious and manual processes into Alteryx. In the first meeting, they converted an Excel process that manually took hours into an Alteryx workflow that ran in minutes.

Best Onboarding Deployment

Narayana Venkatesh & Elena Morris
PwC Germany & PwC UK
Team: Katja Andersen, Gian-Luca Barone, Mads Strenstrup Hanibal, Miriam Koch, Tim Kroemer, Ryan Nelsen, Verena Oehler, Antje Philippen, Doug Rae, Neil Siri, Paul Smith, Richard Thompson, Ilse Venter, Simmon Wootton

Best Use of Server

Naama Zahavi & Alex Bailes
Team: Richard Coppinger, Mark Gravestock, Tim Goldsmith, Alan Keena, Richard Assinder, Ben Winter, Paul Beecher

Best 'Alteryx for Good' Story

Jeff Bernson
Team: Mike Hainsworth, Allan Walker, Doug Morris, Anya A’Hearn, Philip Riggs, Chris DeMartini, Jonathan Drummey, Daniel Bridges, Joe Mako, Ken Black, Duncan Earle

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Icon of Analytics

Team: Roel Esselink, Aaron Levis, Dennis Vallinga, Chris Bridge, Phil Ochs, Feliciano Gonzalez, Bryce Bartmann, Ciaran Doherty, Heather Stevens, Evgenia Domnenkova, Amjad Chaudry, Zoe Moore, Paweel Dobrowolski, Melissa Patel, Deval Pandya, Hariharasudhan Ramani, Wayne Jones

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Community Top Contributor EMEA

James Dunkerley
Technical Architect
"James surprised even our internal Alteryx dev team with what he was able to accomplish with our Software Development Kits (SDKs) all while on his daily commuter train! Nice work @jdunkerley – really good stuff!" -Ned Harding

2016 Award Winners

Best Business ROI

Omid Madadi
Southwest Airlines Co.
Awarded for the most significant business impact, based on quantified results, driven by insight gained when applying Alteryx.

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Best Use of Spatial

Andy Moncla
B.I. Spatial
“Andy’s use of Alteryx has absolutely been a game-definer. Frankly, our organization wouldn’t be able to exist without Alteryx. We would be brought to our knees to get through the data sources, the data changes, and to be able to reach viable solutions for our customers - we couldn’t do any of it without Alteryx.” -Pat Garvey, CEO, BI Spatial

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Best Use of Server

Jim Kunce
MedPro Group
Awarded to the Actuarial Team at MedPro Group for the most powerful use and impact on their business with Alteryx server.

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Judges Pick

Irina Mihai & Johannes Wagner
Adidas International Trading B.V.
The measurable impact, creativity, no fear of data size, complexity of requirements drive the analysts’ work. The Judges Pick award goes to the Western European ecommerce Analytics Team at Adidas International Trading B.V

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Most Time Saved

"Through Alteryx workflow we are able to save more than 15 hours per week in data merging alone and at the same time we are now able to publish the reports/analysis on a daily basis. Through Alteryx we are now saving over 75h from various departments to run the process from end-to-end on a daily basis.”

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Most Unexpected Insight

Rana Dalbah
BAE Systems
Awarded to the Workforce Intelligence Team and honorary members at BAE Systems, Inc. for the most unexpected insight using Alteryx to discover something new in their data and empowering the company to operate differently because of that insight.

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Best 'Alteryx for Good' Story

Andy Kriebel & the Data School
The Information Lab
"This is proof that a small group of dedicated people working together can change an entire community. With the Alteryx workflow and Tableau workbooks you created, we can show the community what is needed where, and how people can help in their communities." -Ann Hartman, Director of Connect2Help 211

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Best Business ROI

Cesar Robles
SAB Miller
Awarded to the customer with the most significant business impact, based on quantified results, driven by insight gained applying Alteryx.

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Best Use of Predictive

Mandy Luo
ReMark International
"͞This company is not only an early adopter in predictive modeling for life insurance, but also a true action taker on customer centricity by focusing on customer lifetime analytics instead of focusing on 'buying' only. Now we can create customer segments' not just based on tendency to 'buy', but also tendency to 'pay' and 'stay'"

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Most Time Saved

Slaven Sljivar
SmartDrive Systems, Inc.
"Prior to Alteryx, we relied on a combination of R scripts, SQL stored procedures and SQL Server Integration Services jobs to develop data integration solutions. While this approach worked for us over the years, it was not sustainable. Alteryx, NOW fills in a gap in our ability to quickly integrate data, and we only started using it 5 months ago."

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