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Certification LinkedIn Badge and URL



A great way to promote and share the awesome Alteryx Certification process is to allow Badge and Certification URL  to show up in LinkedIn.  Here is example of IBM certification badges:




can the design core and advancedcertificates be integrated with Linkedin.

Right now the certificates are emailed as pdf. Could these certificates be integrated with linkedin certificates so that people can easily add it to their linkedin profile

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Alteryx Certification badge to be added on Linkedin page is definitely a great idea.

Community Manager
Community Manager
Status changed to: Under Review

Great idea! Nothing would make us happier than to see these badges go viral on linked-in.  We'll explore our options internally, and make sure to provide an update on this suggestion.

Certification Program Manager
Certification Program Manager
Status changed to: Coming Soon

Great idea! Stay tuned. 🙂 

Certification Program Manager
Certification Program Manager
Status changed to: Now Available

When you pass the exam, you’ll now get an email with a LinkedIn “Add to Profile” button that allows you to quickly add your new certification to your profile, along with the URL to your certificate. You'll also get a digital badge to use on your website, signature line, marketing collateral, or anywhere you want to display your credential! If you’ve already passed the exam, you’ll be receiving an email next week with the LinkedIn button, certificate URL, and digital badge!


Thanks @hungvvo for the great idea! 





Alteryx tools and people are so amazing.  I can't wait to add Alteryx badges to my LinkedIn.  Thanks

Good to know that this feature is available now. When can existing users expect email with Linkedin badge? 

Has Alteryx started sending emails to already certified users or needs to be waited for few more days?

Community Manager
Community Manager



Great question!


If you completed your certification prior to June 28th, you can expect to receive an email with the newly available assets this week (EOB July 6th).
If you have further questions, please contact our Certification Team directly. They'll be glad to help!