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Error: AMP Engine-enabled workflows stuck in Queued status in Private Gallery


Environment Details

Publishing workflows to Alteryx Gallery that use AMP Engine appear stuck in the Workflow Results as Queued


In the Workflow Results section, Gallery end users would see the following error message suggesting a problem with worker assignment:

  • Alteryx Designer
    • 2020.2+
  • Alteryx Server 
    • 2020.2+
  • AMP Engine Enabled on Workflow


This issue is usually caused by the Alteryx Server System Settings not having the Engine enabled to run AMP workflows.

The default setting for all existing workflows is with the original Alteryx engine. To use AMP, you must enable AMP by selecting Use AMP Engine checkbox under Workflow - Configuration in Alteryx Designer. 



  1. Open Alteryx System Settings on the server
  2. Navigate to Engine > General
  3. Select Both Engines in the Engine dropdown list
      4. Select Next all the way through the Alteryx Server System Settings and then select Finish (Note: This will restart the Alteryx Service)
      5. The workflows should now move from Queued status to Running in Workflow Results on Alteryx Gallery

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