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As Alteryx analysts, we’re whipping up insight at blazing fast speeds. Workflow after workflow, tool after tool, we’re gleaming functional understanding from inert webs of data that empower us to make better decisions. Good insight is only as good as it is shareable, however, and to enable better sharing any Alteryx analyst can take advantage of their Workflow Dependencies to simplify input or output path dependencies in shared workflows.
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Is there a workaround for not being able to use the Folder Browse Tool in the Gallery? Though it may not be as clean as being able to use the Folder Browse Tool, the simple workaround for this is to use the Text Box Interface Tool instead. This will allow the user to copy a directory path from Windows Explorer and paste it into the Text Box. In the workflow, all you need to do is connect the Text Box Tool to an Output Data Tool and have the Action Tool update the path portion of the Output Data Tool. You can even enter in a default path in the Default Text section of the Text Box if there is a path that is most commonly used.
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