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GCSE-271: Gallery Schedules - "Schedule" column under the Schedules page is not sortable in Alteryx Gallery


GCSE-271 : Unable to sort schedules in "Schedules" page of Alteryx Gallery


Environment Details

When a gallery user navigates to "Schedules" section of his/her Alteryx Gallery, and tries to sort the "Schedule" column, the sorting does not work. However, he/she would be able to sort the workflows. Sorting doesn't work for the "Schedule" column alone.

  • Alteryx Server
    • 2021.2+



This is a defect/known issue in 2021.x versions of Alteryx Server, which is tracked through - GCSE-271



  • Currently, there is no direct workaround to enable sorting of schedules.
  • However, if the user has any collections, and if the schedules are added to their collections, those schedules are sortable under the "Collections" page, as below:


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