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When you publish an application to the Alteryx Gallery it packages this workflow up into a yxzp and creates folders called 'Externals'. In these folders it might contain macros within your workflow or more commonly input and output file locations.    The Designer does this is to ensure your application has the read and write capabilities when published to the server. However, you may be confident that the server has access to a mapped drive or database. Therefore, you can do the following to keep your macros, input & output file paths absolute (C:\Users\etc.) rather than relative (.\etc):   1. Within the Alteryx Designer go to File>>Save As>>Gallery   2. Before Saving go to 'Workflow Options' >>> 'Manage workflow assets'   3. Make sure all macros, input and output files you want to keep absolute are unchecked    4. When you publish to the Alteryx Gallery now these macros, input and output file will keep the same path and not kept in external folders.    Consideration: When uploading to the Gallery the location of the macros needs to be accessible from the server. Hence, it is best practice to have these on a mapped drive or on the server itself so the workflow does not error.    Best,   Jordan Barker Solutions Consultant  
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Question Is it possible to allow users to publish an app/workflow to the Private Gallery but not allow users to actually run the app/workflow? Answer I received this question from a client that needs to do careful QA on apps before they can be pushed to the Production server.    This is possible through a manual process currently. When a workflow is published to the private gallery, the user who published it can edit the workflow settings to prevent the workflow from being able to run in the Gallery manually. This method requires the user to change the workflow settings for every workflow published that they do not want to be able to run.   The steps for this process are shown below.   1) Log in to your Private Gallery after publishing your workflow/app 2) Click on the Private Studio icon on the left side of the screen 3) Select the workflow/app you wish to change the settings for 4) Click the link for Workflow Settings 5) Deselect the option showing "This workflow may be run in the Gallery"     Note: Screen shots taken from 10.1.7.
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