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Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team

Welcome to the Alteryx Community!


At Alteryx, we’re extremely passionate about empowering people to deliver deeper insights quickly with intuitive workflows. We created this space as a peer-to-peer support channel for those people to come together, to gain valuable insights from one another, collaborate, and innovate around Alteryx products.


We want your journey here to be as great as can be, so we have put together this guide to help you get quickly familiarized with the Alteryx Community. We hope you find it useful! 





Ask Questions


Start a conversation, search for solutions, and share your burning questions.


Jump into Discussions to post


Get Training


Need guidance to get started with Alteryx, or looking for extra practice to hone your skills?


Be sure to stop by Alteryx Academy.


Help the Community


Help your peers discover new and better ways to get to the answers they seek.


Go here to view all unanswered questions.



New Member Checklist


  • Review the Alteryx Community Guidelines to understand what it means to be a member here

  • Subscribe to Community Highlights so you never miss out on what's happening in our Community

  • Personalize your experience, profile and how frequently you receive emails from us by diving into My Settings

  • Find out more about features and settings in the Community Help Documentation

  • Curious about user ranks? Read our User Ranks FAQs

  • Keep an eye on the Alteryx Community Version History for the latest and greatest updates to our community

  • We'd love to get to know you! Head over here to introduce yourself and get to know your community peers!




The community guide will walk you through all of the main areas of the Alteryx Community, as well as provide additional resources that you may find helpful. We'll begin with a walkthrough of the various areas within the Alteryx Community, and wrap up with some extras that are great to have on hand.




The Participate area of the community is the place to go to jump right into the action. Get started here for the bulk of your community endeavours.

  • Community Hub – The Community Hub is your portal to all things Alteryx Community!  Browse resources, connect with peers, and share your feedback with the team.
    • Welcome & Introductions – Get to know the people behind the avatar! Introduce yourself, welcome peers, build connections, and extend your network.         
    • Community Resources – Get up-and-running on the Community and with Alteryx in record time. Need help with something in the community? Look here first.
    • Alteryx Community Ideas – How can we make your community experience better? Tell us!  We won’t know unless you share.
    • Community Beta Program – The Community Beta Program is where we share some of the cool stuff we’ve been cooking up in the community lab.

  • Discussions – Find answers, ask questions, and share your Alteryx expertise! The Discussions is your jumping off point for all of the forums in the community. Check below for descriptions of each area.
    • Alteryx Designer – Find answers, ask questions, and share expertise about Alteryx Designer
    • Alteryx Server - Find answers, ask questions, and share expertise about Alteryx Server
    • Alteryx Connect - Find answers, ask questions, and share expertise about Alteryx Connect
    • Alteryx Promote - Find answers, ask questions, and share expertise about Alteryx Promote
    • Alteryx Analytics Hub - Find answers, ask questions, and share expertise about Alteryx Analytics Hub
    • Industry – A dedicated space to share resources, connect with like-minded data workers, and discuss industry specific analytic challenges + solutions.
    • Dev Space – Customize and extend the power of Alteryx. SDKs, APIs, custom tools, and more!
    • General Discussions – Discuss a wide range of topics! Have something to post that doesn’t quite fit in elsewhere? This is the place to put it.

  • Ideas – Share your Alteryx product ideas – we’re listening! This is where you’ll want to go to help improve our product in a truly meaningful way.
    • Alteryx Designer – Share your Designer product ideas!
    • Alteryx Server – Share your Server product ideas!
    • Alteryx Connect – Share your Connect product ideas!
    • Alteryx Promote – Share your Promote product ideas!

  • Alteryx Advocacy – Want to spread the word and go above and beyond with Alteryx?  Check out our customer advocacy program here.

  • Beta Program – Help build the next generation of the Modern End-to-End Platform that is Altering Analytics. Want to get in on pre-release product versions and test them out?  This is the place to do it.

  • ACE Program – Meet our global ACEs and find out about one of the best superuser programs around!

  • SparkED | Education - The free Alteryx education program providing software licenses, teaching tools, and learning resources to empower all learners to question, understand and solve with data.
    • Get Started - Register for free Alteryx Designer education licenses, access learning program, and more.
    • Educators - Access your teaching materials and get connected with your community of educators.
    • Students - Discover learning and certification options for traditional enrolled students.
    • Career Changers - Explore learning and certification options for individual, independent learners.
    • SparkED Job Board - Post data analytics internship and job opportunities, or post your job-seeking profile.



The Learn section of the community is where you’ll want to go to expand your knowledge in a multitude of ways. Jump into Academy for training and practical knowledge, read our blogs for a chance to expand your horizons, and listen to our podcasts to hear form some of the brightest minds in the field.


  • Alteryx Academy – Dive deeper into solving problems with Alteryx, explore new frontiers in your analytics journey, and push yourself to prove and improve your skills in our Certification Program.
    • Learning Paths – Keep up the pace of your learning with our guided curriculum.  This is the first place to start your Alteryx knowledge journey.
    • Interactive Lessons – Dive into new analytics techniques with lessons that incorporate videos, hands-on activities, and quizzes to assess your knowledge.
    • Live Training – Join live sessions led by expert instructors to level up your analytic prowess and Alteryx product knowledge.
    • Videos – Get your skills in gear with hours upon hours of videos on topics from beginner to advanced.
    • Weekly Challenge – Solve the challenge, share your solution, and summit the ranks of the Alteryx Community!
    • Certification – Prove your skills and become Alteryx Certified!

  • Blogs – Find insights and ideas from the brightest minds in analytics, keep up with community news, and soak in the knowledge.
    • Analytics – News, events, thought leadership and more
    • Engine Works – Under the hood of Alteryx – tips, tricks and how-tos
    • Alter.Nation – Community news, customer stories, and so much more
    • Data Science – Machine learning and data science for beginners and experts alike

  • Podcasts – Need to level-up your knowledge without a long read? Tune in to cover analytics culture, data science, and absolutely everything in between.
    • Alter Everything – A podcast about data science and analytics culture
    • Data Science Mixer – Tune in here for data science and cocktails



Stuck on what you need?  Check out our Support pages for all the information you could want, and if you don’t find it there, you can always submit a ticket.

  • Knowledge – This is the place for the official knowledge base. Search articles for help on a variety of different products and get your questions answered.
    • Designer – Definitive answers from Designer experts
    • Server - Definitive answers from Server experts
    • Connect - Definitive answers from Connect experts
    • Promote - Definitive answers from Promote experts
    • Analytics Hub - Definitive answers from Alteryx Analytics Hub experts
    • Location Data – Data methodologies and release schedules

  • Release Notes – Get all the details of each release of our products in one place

  • Downloads & Licenses – Access your product downloads here

  • Virtual Solution Center – Alteryx solution experts are on stand-by to help work through your questions, ideas, and use cases.

  • Help Documentation – Need help?  Here’s a repository of all of our official documentation.

  • Support – Our official support portal, where you can view and submit tickets, as well as see resolutions and walkthroughs.



Groups and Events are your gateway to user driven groups and community events.  Go here to build connections and get involved!


  • User Groups – Alteryx User Groups are independent volunteer organizations created, organized, and run by users who get together locally and virtually throughout the year.  Meet and network with peers, share ideas, experiences,  and best practices.
    • Americas
    • Europe, Middle East, Africa
    • Asia-Pacific
    • User Group Resources

  • Inspire Buzz – The go-to community resource for Alteryx Inspire Europe & APAC conference attendees. Ask questions, connect with peers, and share your expertise!

  • Women of Analytics – Come together to celebrate Women of Analytics across the globe! Use this area to network, learn, motivate, unite to think and act to drive change.



How do our customers use Alteryx?  Check out the Use Cases area to get the inside scoop.

  • Alteryx Use Cases – Read Alteryx customer stories to learn how they transform their organizations into becoming data-driven businesses.

  • Excellence Awards – Celebrate the remarkable impact our customers have on work, teams, organizations, and the larger world of analytics.




  • - Learn more about our great company and our mission to empower analysts and line-of-business users by visiting our corporate website.

  • Product Documentation - The Alteryx Help Center is a thorough online user manual and vital technical resource to how our products work.

  • Alteryx Public Gallery - The Alteryx Public Gallery is a cloud platform that lets you consume, share and publish analytic apps.

  • Alteryx For Good - At Alteryx we’re passionate about giving back to worthy causes and invite you to join us in doing good.

  • Support - Explore resources and helpful information to resolve your questions and take your usage of Alteryx to new heights.

  • Alteryx Swag Store - The Alteryx swag store is your one stop shop for official Alteryx goods and apparel. Show your ALTERNATION pride by rocking the freshest Alteryx gear.


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We look forward to seeing you around the Community!




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19 - Altair
19 - Altair

Treasure Chest.gif


This post has a treasure chest full of great suggestions.  It would be a good place to hide an Easter Egg!  Many folks look forward to Monday's so that they can attempt the weekly challenge when it is fresh off of the presses.  While some users only come to the Community when they have a question to be answered, I like to see what I can learn on a daily basis.  I've been using Alteryx for 13 years and find new things on a regular basis.  It is interesting to read and to listen to users around the world interact here in the community.  New User questions are very important to the community.  It is the first step towards engagement and it helps those less brave when they find comfort from seeing a question answered before they ask it.  Your question will likely help many that follow you.  One last tip that I might add to your welcome is to share the Love and give away LIKES.  






If you are looking for an Easter Egg spoiler here, while I congratulate your investigation skills I believe that you haven't listened thoroughly yet. 


5 - Atom

Glad to be a part of Alteryx Community

6 - Meteoroid

Is it possible through Alteryx to Delete information from several excel file , clean them and also populate new information to special section in the files .

5 - Atom

New user here and very excited!

5 - Atom
hello I faced a problem with AB Analysis Tool Error: AB Analysis (9): Tool #406: Test of Means: The R version "3.4.4" is not installed on this system. Error: AB Analysis (9): Tool #650: Tool #21: The R version "3.4.4" is not installed on this system. Please help me on that ASAP
5 - Atom

HI guys,

Great to be here!

I appeared for the alteryx core certification exam and unfortunately did not clear it.On receiving performance report I ended up scoring low in Input , Output and practical application sections, rest all were par score.

It would be a great help if any one can suggest resources for the above mentioned topics.




Hello @Pratik_61294


Everything within the Core exam can be found between the tool examples within Alteryx, as well as the Help Doc pages.
If Input has been an area of improvement, I would also recommend checking out the Tool Mastery here on the Community.


Dont be discouraged! Its not uncommon to not pass the first attempt exam, It took me 3 attempts to finally pass (CrossTab and Transpose are still foreign to me)


I hope this helps!


5 - Atom


I'm a new user and very excited to be a part of this great community. 

Kind Regards,



5 - Atom

Hello People!


I reside in Toronto and hail from a marketing comms background. I am looking forward to upskill to help me break through the top corporations as a marketing and data analyst. 


Do look me up on LinkedIn on


Happy Learning!


5 - Atom

Wow! Overwhelmed by the huge number of resources available. Just did a quick scan for now. Will need to come back later and dive deeper.

5 - Atom

This help new beginners better understand all of theirs success pathways resources. this was a great read. 

5 - Atom

I am David Cromwell, a student of Petroleum engineering, glad to be able to learn data analytics from the ADAPT program

5 - Atom

It's great to be here. hope to learn as much as I can.



5 - Atom



I'm Karim and it's my first day here. I'm new to the industry but very excited to begin the Adapt program. This information was extremely useful and very well presented. Looking forward to this amazing new journey.

5 - Atom

Hello, Team.


First, I would like to appreciate the team for providing all basic knowledge about Alteryx tool. I learned a lot and would like to practice Alteryx to gain practical knowledge of it. My trial version has been completed and would like to request to prolong it for the next possible days. Please help me. I will be waiting for a positive suggestion.


Thank you.