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Sr. Community Content Manager
Sr. Community Content Manager
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There is A LOT of stuff on Community. We try hard to organize it intuitively, but most of the time you'll probably end up searching for what you need. So here are some search tips!


Basic Search


Basic search is pretty straightforward. On most Community pages there is a search bar front (top) and center. The only thing you really have to know about is the drop-down on the right side of the text box.




This allows you to search:


  • All community - default
  • This category - just the category you're currently exploring
  • Knowledge base articles
  • Users
  • Private Messages


Advanced Search


Advanced search - what this article is really all about (did I bury the lede?). Find advanced search by clicking here. Don't want to have to come back to this article every time you want to perform an advanced search? Try this: click in the empty search box and press enter...


advanced search.gif


Et voilà! Now we have loads more search options:


  • Location - choose the area of Community you'd like to search
  • Labels - limit your search to posts that have been tagged with certain labels
  • Author - search by post author
  • Date - search by content written in the past day, week, month, or year
  • Metadata - filter by posts that have been Solved and/or Liked
  • Type of Post - limit to forums, blogs, ideas, and/or knowledge bases
  • Contains - look for posts that contain images, videos, or attachments


You can also sort the results by Best Match (default), Date, Views, Likes, or Replies.


One of my favorite advanced searches results in a list of the most recently published Designer knowledge base articles

If all else fails and you still prefer Google, here's a handy shortcut to only search properties: prefix your search with @alteryx, like so.