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Alteryx Community Ideas

What can we do to make your Alteryx Community experience better? Let us know!

Beta as part of the community

It seems that there are 4 ways that the community can help to increase traffic to the BETA program, which is a key priority for the dev team:


a) Add a beta section to the community; at the top level of navigation - preferably with some kind of a highlight so that people's eyes are drawn to it when there is new content

b) Reward people for participating in the BETA; adding suggestions; and logging defects in the BETA - with badges and highlights in the community news

c) Advertise the beta.   We can tell people about it with splashes on the front page; notes in the community news etc

d) Outreach to members of the community who are posting issues etc.


This would be a way to make use of the power of the community to make each BETA better.


cc: @TreyW 

Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team
Status changed to: Under Review

@SeanAdams -- great idea. We're in the midst of working with the owners of the beta program to run a pilot version in the near future.


We couldn't agree more 😉

17 - Castor
17 - Castor

Fantastic news @LeahK - looking forward to it.

8 - Asteroid

@LeahK how is the decision made as to whether someone enters the beta program? I have applied to be a beta tester and have not heard back. When I login to the beta program, it just says application received and has been so for a long time. Are there any prerequisites such as already having access to an Alteryx licence before applying to the beta program?