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Forum-level subscription/notification settings

I like getting email notifications from the Alteryx Community because I often post solutions in Designer Discussions, and knowing when someone has responded without having to keep the Community open all the time helps me to better answer questions.


However, the Weekly challenges are a flurry of activity, and they continue to be active basically forever. I can unsubscribe individually from each Challenge I complete, but that adds an additional step for every single challenge.

I'd really appreciate being able to specifically turn off notifications, or notifications on replies to a thread, in specific forums, like the Weekly Challenges forum.  This would let me better customize my experience.


Trying to turn off weekly challenge notifications brought me here. I noticed an "Email me when someone replies" option  when filling the form, but after replying to a few challenges  leaving this option checked I realized the amount of notifications is overwhelming sometimes. 

Sr. Program Manager
Sr. Program Manager

Hi @Claje - would a combination of user settings as follows solve this issue; 


1. Settings > Subscriptions and Notifications > Notification Settings > For my forum subscriptions, notify me for > Set to "Only the first post in each topic" 




2. The in-topic setting of ""Email me when someone replies" (which should default to yes/"true" if you're commenting on a topic


Or are you saying you want to be able to set your subscription settings at the node level (vs. globally in your settings)? 





Node level settings is more specifically what I'm looking for.


In Designer Discussions, I want to get an email when someone responds to me, since I'm either helping to work through a problem with a user or trying to solve one of my own.  In Weekly Challenges, hundreds of users post on a single thread, and I generally don't need emails because I know there is activity and I can always look back at these threads to see other solutions.

Today I solve this by manually unsubscribing from each thread, but being able to turn off reply notifications in Weekly Challenges specifically (or other areas of the community) would be very helpful.

Sr. Program Manager
Sr. Program Manager

Thanks for the additional details @Claje - I chatted with our vendor and unfortunately this is not possible without customization. That doesn't mean it's impossible though! I'll be chatting with the platform team to see if there are API's available that would allow us to toggle this feature by node. I'll keep you posted over the next few weeks. 

Sr. Program Manager
Sr. Program Manager
Status changed to: Under Review