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Is there a workaround for not being able to use the Folder Browse Tool in the Gallery? Though it may not be as clean as being able to use the Folder Browse Tool, the simple workaround for this is to use the Text Box Interface Tool instead. This will allow the user to copy a directory path from Windows Explorer and paste it into the Text Box. In the workflow, all you need to do is connect the Text Box Tool to an Output Data Tool and have the Action Tool update the path portion of the Output Data Tool. You can even enter in a default path in the Default Text section of the Text Box if there is a path that is most commonly used.
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Logs and files can be hard to find if you’ve never had to deal with them before.  This Alteryx Analytic Application will help gather most of the common logs and environmental files Support requests in one fell swoop!
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As Alteryx analysts, we’re whipping up insight at blazing fast speeds. Workflow after workflow, tool after tool, we’re gleaming functional understanding from inert webs of data that empower us to make better decisions. Good insight is only as good as it is shareable, however, and to enable better sharing any Alteryx analyst can take advantage of their Workflow Dependencies to simplify input or output path dependencies in shared workflows.
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When you publish an application to the Alteryx Gallery it packages this workflow up into a yxzp and creates folders called 'Externals'. In these folders it might contain macros within your workflow or more commonly input and output file locations.    The Designer does this is to ensure your application has the read and write capabilities when published to the server. However, you may be confident that the server has access to a mapped drive or database. Therefore, you can do the following to keep your macros, input & output file paths absolute (C:\Users\etc.) rather than relative (.\etc):   1. Within the Alteryx Designer go to File>>Save As>>Gallery   2. Before Saving go to 'Workflow Options' >>> 'Manage workflow assets'   3. Make sure all macros, input and output files you want to keep absolute are unchecked    4. When you publish to the Alteryx Gallery now these macros, input and output file will keep the same path and not kept in external folders.    Consideration: When uploading to the Gallery the location of the macros needs to be accessible from the server. Hence, it is best practice to have these on a mapped drive or on the server itself so the workflow does not error.    Best,   Jordan Barker Solutions Consultant  
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Adding files to Gallery App   Sometimes when uploading Apps or Macros the Gallery you may receive an error with a file extension referencing externals_...... You may also  select the workflow assets and the files are checked, but they are not loading to the gallery.   This often means the file cannot be found on the server side and as a result needs to be added to the workflow package and uploaded to with the app or macro.   Attaching the workflow assets can often be selected when exporting the workflow or adding them through the display asset management properties window within the input tool. Please see this Article for more information.   Similarly, you can also add assets within the events>>>Run command>>Assets tab.       If you add the assets through either of these methods when uploading to the Gallery, the server should be able to see the correct assets and execute without any externals errors.   Again if you are still experiencing any issues please reach out to Alteryx Support   Best,   Jordan Barker Client Services Support Engineer  
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