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Folder Browse Not Available on Gallery Workaround

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Is there a workaround for not being able to use the Folder Browse Tool in the Gallery?


First, some background. As the help section says, "This Interface tool is not supported for running apps in the Alteryx Analytics Gallery."  There are several reasons for this:


  1. It is considered a security risk to allow users to browse the folder structure on the server.
  2. The Gallery is designed to run in a multi-node server environment, so there would an issue as to which server the user would be browsing the folder structure for.
  3. Many browsers do not support folder browse.

Though it may not be as clean as being able to use the Folder Browse Tool, the simple workaround for this is to use the Text Box Interface Tool instead. This will allow the user to copy a directory path from Windows Explorer and paste it into the Text Box. In the workflow, all you need to do is connect the Text Box Tool to an Output Data Tool and have the Action Tool update the path portion of the Output Data Tool. You can even enter in a default path in the Default Text section of the Text Box if there is a path that is most commonly used.






In the Output Data Tool, make a placeholder (in this example, "__DIR__" is used) for the directory:




In the Action Tool, configure so that the placeholder in the Output Data Tool gets replace with what the user entered in the Text Box Interface Tool:




Sample workflow, created in 11.0, attached.


Common Errors Encountered when a Folder Browse is placed on Gallery

Problem Loading App

Unknown error, TypeLoadException RequestID: ____________________



Please feel free to ask any questions or leave any comments. Thank you!



Hi DanC, this approach only allows for defining a path ON THE SERVER the gallery runs, correct? It would not allow a user to point to a folder on ON HIS COMPUTER, correct? I tried your approach using a "directory" tool instead of the "output data" one in your example; I can run the app on the localhost pointing to a directory on the localhost on which the gallery runs. However, connecting to the gallery from the outside word ("http://my_gallery/gallery") fails when I point to a local folder. Any hints on how to achieve letting the user browse on his own computer to point to one of his directories?

Hey @oliver_huber,


the complication with files on a user's local machine is that analytical apps are running from the security context of the Server's login.   That means that it probably will not have any access to files on a user's machine.


What you can do is to get your users do drop the files they want to work with, on a network location that the server login has permission to access.     You can address this using a UNC path like \\servername\share\folder


Hopefully this helps - the trick here is the security context and the fact that any browse operation being done from an Analytical app is done from the security context of the server login.


Hi oliver_huber


Even I'm facing the same issue, user is unable to select his local folder.

Appreciate if you have found any workaround for this.





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