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Avoid getting "\external\1" when Publishing an Application to the Gallery

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When you publish an application to the Alteryx Gallery it packages this workflow up into a yxzp and creates folders called 'Externals'. In these folders it might contain macros within your workflow or more commonly input and output file locations. 


The Designer does this is to ensure your application has the read and write capabilities when published to the server. However, you may be confident that the server has access to a mapped drive or database. Therefore, you can do the following to keep your macros, input & output file paths absolute (C:\Users\etc.) rather than relative (.\etc):


1. Within the Alteryx Designer go to File>>Save As>>Gallery


2. Before Saving go to 'Workflow Options' >>> 'Manage workflow assets'

Pic 1.png


3. Make sure all macros, input and output files you want to keep absolute are unchecked

Pic 2.png


 4. When you publish to the Alteryx Gallery now these macros, input and output file will keep the same path and not kept in external folders. 


Consideration: When uploading to the Gallery the location of the macros needs to be accessible from the server. Hence, it is best practice to have these on a mapped drive or on the server itself so the workflow does not error. 




Jordan Barker

Solutions Consultant



Why does this happen with macros that come packaged, such as data cleanse? 


If a macro is packaged, can we be confident that the server will have it? 


If not, how to install? 


@davidhenington the workflow will refer to these assets when they are packaged rather than looking at the server machine designer location. The server lands in an admin folder as well, whereas local designer can be installed as non-admin, hence looking at another user profile folder structure. 


If the macro is packaged the workflow saved to the server will refer to it on the server. 


It you want to maintain macros outside of the Alteryx server, I would recommend setting up on a network location and then referring to these macros in the workflows. When you upload to server un-check these assets in workflow options and they will not be packaged. 







I was pulling my hairs out each day wondering why the locations of the files keep changing.  I don't understand the logic behind this as it should be the default settings.  Anyway, this helps greatly and I appreciate the tips.