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Gallery Service failed to start in a timely fashion

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)


The Alteryx Service is unable to start, and/or the Gallery fails to load in the browser.

The message Gallery Service failed to start in a timely fashion can be found in the Server's Service logs.

AlteryxService_LogStartupError: There was an error starting the Alteryx Service <Gallery Service failed to start in a timely fashion, exiting.>



  • Alteryx Service cannot start.
  • Alteryx Gallery fails to load.
  • Alteryx Service starts and then stops after a short time. The Service logs will have an error message of Gallery Service failed to start in a timely fashion.
  • Alteryx Gallery starts and then disconnects after a short time. The Service logs will have an error message of Gallery Service failed to start in a timely fashion.



The Service is unable to ping the Gallery endpoint. This can happen for a variety of reasons.

  • The Gallery Base Address is misconfigured.
  • Starting from Server 2022.1, the Web API Address is misconfigured.
  • A proxy is intercepting communication between the Service and Gallery.
  • Traffic is not being properly routed back to Gallery (e.g. machine is being a load balancer and traffic is not coming back to Gallery).



Isolating a misconfigured Gallery Base Address or Web API Address

The Gallery Base Address and Web API Address can be configured in one of the following ways:



If this not working, please go to Solution C


2.Machine Name with Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN)


If (1) works and (2) does not, please go to Solution A


3.Domain Name System (DNS)


If (1) and (2) works and (3) does not, please go to Solution A


4.SSL Enabled (Compatible with all previous setups)


If (2) and (3) work, but (4) does not work, please go to Solution A

To identify which component is causing the issue, a general recommendation is to downgrade to setup (1) and move up in complication until the issue replicates.

Additionally, a common practice to isolate if the host name is properly resolving to the correct IP address is to use “nslookup” and “ipconfig /all”.

  1. Open a command prompt as administrator
  2. Type "nslookup gallerywebsite.com"
C:\windows\system32>nslookup gallerywebsite.com

**Do not include http:// or https://
The result shows the Domain Name Server and the IP address of the host name that was provided

3. Type "ipconfig /all"

C:\windows\system32>ipconfig /all

The Domain Server Name information and the IP address of the current machine will be listed.

If these do not match up, then this can be a source to begin troubleshooting.


Isolating a proxy

Generally, IT or the Server Admin will know if a proxy is being used on the Server.
Check cURL environment variables are configured properly.

Go to Solution B if a proxy is affecting your Gallery


Traffic is being properly routed back to Gallery

­Generally, IT or the Server Admin will know of any certain setups, such as load balancers, that can affect reroutes. Wireshark traces may be obtained to get more information.

Please go to Solution A if the Gallery or Web API Address is being redirected


Solution A

Check with your IT to ensure that the Server can be recognized on the company’s network or that any third party entities are properly set up (DNS, SSL, etc.)

*SSL Users*
While we do not support or recommend any specific SSL cert software, please reference the Community article Configuring Alteryx Server for SSL: Obtaining and Installing for details on how to properly sign and bind a certificate to the Alteryx Server.  As noted in that article, you can verify the SSL certificate with MMC: 

  1. Verify the certificate is installed in Trusted Root Certification Authorities
  2. Verify the certificate has not expired
  3. Verify the Subject and Subject Alternative Name contain CN that exactly matches the base address
  4. Note the Thumbprint
You can verify the certificate is bound to the port from an Administrator Command Prompt:
netsh http show sslcert
If all of that is correct, you can try releasing the certificate from the port and binding it again.  To delete the current binding use
netsh http delete sslcert ipport=
To bind the certificate to the port use
netsh http add sslcert ipport= certhash=<thumbprint without spaces> appid={eea9431a-a3d4-4c9b-9f9a-b83916c11c67}
(Be sure there is no extraneous question mark between certhash= and the thumbprint minus its spaces.)

If that doesn't succeed, (produces error 1312 ) work with your IT team to create a new .pfx file.

Solution B

Ensure that cURL environment variables are configured properly.

Common variables to check that can be the source if the traffic goes to the proxy and does not come back are: http_proxy, https_proxy, all_proxy

localhost can be affected if it is not set as a no_proxy exclusion

To set environment variables please see this article.


Solution C

If any additional assistance is required, please open a ticket with Alteryx Support through the Case Portal.


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Thank you


Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

The guide stipulates the Gallery URL.  Also check the Web API Address as this can also prevent the service starting.


I had the same issue where the service was not starting, even though everything was right with the certificate.  It happened that TLS 1.3 was enabled under Internet Options.  Disabling TLS 1.3 solved the issue.

5 - Atom

After Alteryx 2023.1 upgrade while browsing alteryx is too slow and some times getting below error
{"data":null,"exceptionName":"NotFoundException","innerExceptionMessage":"","message":"Object not found."}