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Error: The password for this account has expired


Environment Details

When trying to run a workflow on Gallery the following error might occur
Error: The password for this account has expired.


When using the API the following might occur:
{"data":null,"exceptionName":"AlteryxServiceException","innerExceptionMessage":"","message":"Error: The password for this account has expired. (1330)"} response: 
  • Alteryx Server
    • All versions
    • Alteryx Gallery enabled


This error message comes from the Active Directory and is indicative of an expired AD password. The password expiration policy (maximum password age) is typically set by the AD team in the Default Domain Policy. 


Case A: Issue appears for all workflows or for using API
If the issue appears for the Gallery API or for all workflows that are being run, reset the password of the Service Account AlteryxService is running under or for the Run As User account used for the Alteryx Server.

Case B: Issue appears only for certain workflows
If the issue appears only for certain workflows that are using Workflow or Studio Credentials then the respective credentials should be reset. See also this article.

Feel free to reach out to Customer Support if you have questions.

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