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Share with community users

So - one of the common things that I do almost every few days - is to pass on an article on the community to someone who I work with.  

Right now - the only way to do this is to share it using the share button (which then goes via e-mail or twitter etc) or otherwise create a personal message, or even worse you can do a reply with "plus person XXX" but this just creates noise on the thread


Could we add 3 features to the community to make this MUCH quicker:

- Share with community user/group of users

- Allow me to create my own group of users like "Admin team" or "Designer users" or "my direct team" which I can forward the message to

- create a notification in the notification section for shared articles


This would make sharing content MUCH faster.


12 - Quasar

Great idea! This would make team-oriented community engagement especially easy.


I REALLY like the idea of being able to make my own personal groups to bundle my friends on Alteryx. It would really facilitate group discussions and collaboration.


It might be useful to be able to 'follow' other users and get notifications about what those other users do.

17 - Castor
17 - Castor

Love this idea of being able to make a group of friends - good idea @JoshKushner - you should log this as a separate idea too!

Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team
Status changed to: Partner Dependent

Unfortunately I believe this one is going to be dependent on our community vendor as these don't currently exist as features today. We have some other feature requests with them open that we are pushing on, but we can certainly explore this in the future. Thanks for submitting!