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Alteryx Community Ideas

What can we do to make your Alteryx Community experience better? Let us know!

Recommend to a friend

It would be great if we could have a feature in the community where I can recommend an article to a friend or colleague from within the site.


If we wanted to make this really fun, you could even reward people who bring new folk into the community - you get credit for every new joiner, only after they graduate beyond a certain user level (e.g. Atom or Meteor), and the credit belongs to the first person who sent them a recommendation?


We already have one of the best communities out there, the question is how do we get better at telling more people about it!

12 - Quasar

This is so timely! I just spent 15 min last night talking with some of my friends about getting them involved in the community. It would be so much easier if I could just send a link to their Facebook or email from here as the biggest barrier to entry for a newcomer is finding the site and getting registered.


I really like the reward system for bringing new users into the community. Maybe there could be new badges for how many people you get to join?

Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team
Status changed to: Under Review

There actually is a feature called "Email to a Friend" in most options drop-down menus on things like forums posts, ideas, and knowledge articles. In fact, if you look at the Ideas Options drop-down in the upper left of this page, you'll see it here.


With regards to adding some gamification around receiving credit for every new user who joins, that would more than likely be partner dependent, but I'll put this in an "under review" status so we can explore possibilities further. I really like the idea!

Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team
Status changed to: Partner Dependent