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Interactive lessons - manual override option for text entry activities

Within Alteryx Interactive Lessons, there are a variety of types of interactive components. When the videos require the learner to type text before moving forward, the text must be correct, or else the video will not continue playing. The learner can click the "next" button (or the video's next main learning objective from the menu, depending on the video type), but this sometimes skips immediately sequential parts of the video. 


Most of the time, it's easy to figure out the correct text. However, there are a handful of instances where I could not figure out the correct text, even though I'm familiar with how to use Alteryx interactive lessons after 7+ hours of learning. I couldn't tell how much of the lesson I skipped after clicking "next", and these particular videos (App List Box and App File Browse) didn't have transcripts or a submit button with the text entry activity. 


In Alteryx interactive lessons with text entry activities, I would love the option to either:

- click a button to manually override these text entry activities and move on to the very next video segment, or

- click a button to automatically populate the correct answer so the video will continue

This button could have a time delay so that it would only appear after 10 or so seconds of wrong answer, or set to appear after a certain number of attempts. 


For example, from the analytic app List Box lesson, here is the text entry activity.

List Box Lesson Example.png

Deleting all of the auto-populated text but "DFW", "JFK" didn't work for me. I tried different variations of it with spacing (the white instruction text has an additional \s between "DFW" and ,) but ultimately ended up clicking the "next" button and skipping the inaccessible portions of the lesson. I realize the information I missed can be found within documentation or experimentation in Alteryx, but I'm sure there are learners who are not as comfortable with these alternatives yet! The manual override button could go right above the "next" button and would help learners who struggle to find the correct answer for a text entry like this.


Thank you for your consideration! I'm so grateful for the time the Alteryx team has spent creating these lessons, and I look forward to watching more in the future!

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Status changed to: Not Planned

Hi @clmc9601,


Thank you for taking time to submit this idea for improving the Academy Interactive Lessons! 


We try to include interaction to keep viewers engaged but the goal is never to create difficulty or friction when taking our lessons. The specific lessons you referenced as examples are among our oldest courses published. We have implemented prompts for incorrect entries in the other lessons from the same era that have already been updated. The same types of prompt (specifying the text to be typed) will be added to these older lessons when they are revised in the future. 


Again, thank you for using the Academy and providing feedback on your experience!


Happy Alteryx-ing!

The AYXAcademy Team