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Add a capstone challenge for learning paths and Interactive Lessons

As of right now, at the end of every interactive lesson and learning path, we have a quiz that is not more than 5 questions. To further solidify the learning, I think it would be a great value add if we can add a challenge (just like the weekly challenges) at the end of every 3 or 4 interactive lessons or learning path. The idea is to solve the challenge using everything we learnt from those lessons.

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Hi @Amarendra,


Thanks for sharing your idea on how we can improve the Academy experience!


We have implemented a similar concept in the Getting Started Learning Path. However, many of our users who take the Interactive Lessons in a standalone fashion will pick and choose the lessons they need and may not take lessons in a particular order. For this reason, we have not worked towards implementing these types of exercises.


Happy Alteryx-ing!

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