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Hide Available Ideas / add new "Now Available" view of Ideas

Looking through the Top Ideas I was struck by how many are already in the product and marked as "Now Available" - this is fantastic but it does make navigating this view difficult. Could we remove them and move them into a "Now Available" view so we can see what great work the Product Team and Devs are doing at listening to the community?



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Thanks Chris for the great idea! I do think it makes sense to remove the Now Available ideas from the default view.

Today you can use the tabs at the top to view Top Ideas, Hot Ideas, and then use the statuses list on the right rail to drill down to view Now Available ideas, those planned, etc. How do you envision navigation could be changed to provide a better user experience here? Having a tab for completed ideas at the top?

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Lot's of future ideas mix with available and on the roadmap ideas...

I second the idea to be filter them out...

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I find the Idea Statuses list on the right to be very helpful when I want to look to see if an idea has already been posted or find good ideas to support! However, I think part of @chris_love's idea is that "Top Ideas" and "Hot Ideas" include ideas that don't make sense to be there because of their status. Is there anywhere posted that explains what criteria lead to an idea being a "Top Idea" or "Hot Idea"?


I think the existing navigation is fine as long as 1) the definitions for "Top Ideas" and "Hot Ideas" is made known and 2) "Top Ideas" and "Hot Ideas" do not include the following statuses:

  • Now Available
  • Fixed
  • Not Planned
  • Coming Soon
  • Duplicate
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Removing Now Available idea status from the idea statuses and instead the idea would move to a completed ideas tab as suggested by @LeahK Expanding on that:


Action/Trigger: A member of the community dev team marks an idea as complete

The idea no longer has an idea status and is moved to the completed ideas tab listed in order of recently implemented ideas appearing first.

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I noticed there is a new completed ideas box that has appeared below the idea labels box on the right panel when you are at the community ideas homepage (


However, the completed or now available ideas still appear when you click on Top/Hot Ideas. Looks like some sort of progress has been made here.