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Gallery | Add Category for Alteryx / ACEs & quality checked tools

We all loved the District section of the old Gallery, it was the single most important page of the old Gallery as it was allowing to quickly find high quality tools, no matter if built by Alteryx or Community.


In the current Gallery we are completely missing the categories for Alteryx built macros / connectors / tools, as well as we don't have a category for ACE-built tools. Right now, the Gallery is still in it's early days, but it's already hard to find the things that we are looking for. I often reference Gallery-Macros in the training and customer sessions. In the past I knew where to send the people (Districts Page), nowadays I don't. There is no single page that shows what is really important and quality proven. 


I like that we are able to tag what we upload, but there is no way to differentiate from quality builds and "others". I don't want to call people out here.


Take a look at the following page:



I'm sure that's amazing content and has its right to stay on the Gallery, but I'm pretty sure we aren't searching for this or shall we upload all our exercises and weekly challenges to the new Gallery?


We need:

- Alteryx Category

- ACE Category

- Quality Content flag


Theoretically there is the following (hidden) option - but it's only available on sub-pages.




And it's not really well maintained from what we can see. Let's take a look what's supported by Alteryx in the Automation Category:



And now let's take a look at the full page:



Alteryx has a technology alliance with Blueprism -  shouldn't we trust their content? The official Blue Prism Connector is not supported by Alteryx? And their macro as well. How shall I explain to my customers that these are "semi-official" (because not part of core-product) tools if they aren't even flagged as Alteryx-supported?


There are many more examples where even Macros from the AlteryxProducts account are not flagged as supported by Alteryx (e.g. Runner macro). 


There needs to be a single page that shows all high-quality builds, as well as we need a page for all Alteryx / ACE tools to make it easier for everyone.










15 - Aurora
15 - Aurora

This would be a fantastic addition. It would massively increase the reliability of some of the publicly available tools.


My only suggestion - if a tool is updated, it should have a 'previously ACE verified' tag, and require an additional check to be verified - just to avoid buggy or possibly problematic updates to tools.



Alteryx Alumni (Retired)
Status changed to: Ongoing

Hi Alex, 


Thank you for your idea submission.


If you click through on an ACE or Alteryx built gallery post, there will be a corresponding label that you can click on to display the other gallery posts under that label. 


Since you originally posted this idea, we have worked on moderation of Gallery and are continuing to work on improving our process to keep material off of Gallery that does not belong. 


The "Only show content supported by Alteryx" button is now on the homepage of Gallery. This category marks tools that the Support Team can support. This category, however, is not an indicator of the Gallery posts that Alteryx views as valuable asset. We are looking at adding additional filtering capabilities for Alteryx-built, ACE-built and Partner-built Gallery posts that are not currently supported by the Support team but can be accessed from the category pages.






17 - Castor
17 - Castor

Fully agree with your underlying concern @grossal 


Any tool that Alteryx stands behind should be clearly marked as such - and that means that a licensed user of Alteryx can expect that this will continue to be a part of the product, that it will be supported, and that it will continue to be invested in.


I am looking forward to seeing what Alteryx does with the add-ons like this - other software vendors have included a user experience right in the IDE so that the user can bring in addons without leaving the IDE.    In Alteryx Designer, this may take the form of an Extensions slide-out where you can add in extensions from Alteryx or other vendors.


Also agree that the ACEs would be willing to give their stamp of approval too, if Alteryx were interested in this.