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Use international standard date format

Many (all?) of the dates used in the community site are following the US date format, i.e. MM-DD-YYYY. However, in many places around the world, the standard date format is DD-MM-YYYY. Being a 'crossover' from Oz to US, I'm aware of the difference, but many will not be.


Could we use a more obvious format that makes it clear to both sides? I find the YYYY-MM-DD to work well for this purpose, as well as for sorting. But there are other formats that could work, e.g. DD-MMM-YYYY or MMM DD, YYYY.

Sr. Program Manager
Sr. Program Manager
Status changed to: On the Roadmap

Hi @c2willis 


Thanks for the suggestion. You can actually go ahead and do this now in the platform. Click on your user avatar/icon on the top right > Select "My Settings" > Preferences > Display > Under the "Date display format" field - enter the date in the desired format (YYYY-MM-DD for example) and click Save. 


Even though this feature is currently available, I've marked this "On the Roadmap" so that we can add a tooltip or other UI improvement to let other folks know this is possible. 


Thank you @TreyW ! I did indeed search for this information but didn't find it at the time in my settings ... I should have looked there more carefully! 🙂

Sr. Program Manager
Sr. Program Manager

You're very welcome! It's only because I randomly tested that I found it worked as well - so we'll be sure to get that noted in the tooltip. Thank you for surfacing!