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Alteryx Community Ideas

What can we do to make your Alteryx Community experience better? Let us know!

Creating new topics - Recommendation system


I think it would cool if we would make some enchantments in the area of creating new topics. I hope this topic will be a good conversation starter about how this should exactly look like.

In my opinion, the current format for creating new topics could be enhanced. The current recommendations don't have sufficient information to identify if this recommendation is relevant for me.

Suppose the recommendation would show like four first rows of text. Thanks to this small change, we could make it more useful. Sometimes, people don't search for the answer before posting a new topic, and it would be great if they could found a solution without creating a new post.




If other people have more ideas regarding creating new topics please feel free to share them here. 


14 - Magnetar

This is a nice suggestion, though I guess there might be limitations to what the forum software can do, and the trade-off to having more text is that fewer results would be visible.


On a related note, it would definitely be nice if the "solved" posts were prioritized:



But I can see drawbacks with that approach too, e.g. we may end up prioritizing less relevant but solved posts over the best possible answer based on the search criteria.


In general I think it would be good if we could find ways to encourage more users to search before posting. I suspect that people not looking before posting is more of a reason for duplicates than people looking but not finding the answer they need.


Recently with duplicate posts I've been linking the poster to other threads containing good solutions, rather than re-answering the question myself. I'll generally only provide a new solution if I think I'm adding some additional value.

15 - Aurora

Hi @jamielaird,

Agree with providing a link to a proper answer to the person that is asking the question.

I also agree that we should somehow encourage users to search the community for the answer. The community already has a solution to many problems, but people don't search for the solution before posting a new topic.


It would be cool if other people would share their thoughts maybe together we could propose a decent solution!