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Hello --


I have a process where I send an email to users before updating a spreadsheet that is now produced by an Alteryx workflow. Currently, I do this outside of Alteryx because if I choose to use Events -- it will send an email and immediately continue on with the rest of the workflow.


What would be ideal is to have an option to Wait for 10 minutes (or 600 seconds) before continuing on with the rest of the workflow -- assuming the email is sent before the workflow runs.







I am working on a macro that has multiple listboxes and xml tree controls in it and the listbox controls have a feature in the top right to select all or none, effectively allowing you to clear any entries you had made and start fresh.  In the tree control, there is no such feature but it would be nice to have instead of having to remember and go through and find all the entries you had made to start fresh.

To the point of the macro interface, when developing and testing using the interface designer, you are able to 'reset' the interface using a button at the top of the left pane.  It would be nice if that was available in the macro interface at run time. And that would solve the issue with the tree control in one step.





I have long and large workflows, IMO, that are getting difficult to follow. I'd like the ability to highlight the joins and set specific colors or at the very least highlight and toggle on/off highlights. I'd also like to be able to move my joins and so they are not curving all over the canvas.


Dear Alteryx Team !


When running an app the actual Analytic App Progress window is not very informative and can not help to know where do we stand in the process.


In order to improve that issue, it would be very nice to give the hand to developers to let them choosing which message should be display in the progress window.


Minimal need :

  • At each macro step : A view of which macro is actually running with their corresponding iteration counter


Optimal need :

  • Allowing to completely design and name the messages to display at each macro steps and iterations (free text + iteration counter + time estimation ...)

Many thanks





I've used tools like BRIO/Hyperion with a wide-range of control over the output to MS Excel. The Jooleobject allowed me to control MS Outlook, Excel, Word, etc..  The goal is to run a scheduler within Alteryx every week to blend data, insert the data into pre-formatted and renamed excel templates, copy those files to a network shared drive and finally send a formatted email to my users. If I can get past copy/paste routines, my job would be much more efficient. Thx


It appears that the Workflow Dependencies window does not report dependencies from all tools. In the example image, you can see that the file input from the Amazon S3 Download tool is not listed. Some tools may have dependencies that do not easily fit the current field structure of the window, but maybe the input/download tools could be listed with an asterisk or partial reference.

Missing Dependency.pngMissing Amazon S3 Dependency


Scenario: I open a results window with a link, filepath, value, etc. and I want to copy the text.


If I click inside of that cell and press Ctrl +A, nothing happens.


If I click inside the cell, arrow to the end of the text, and then press Shift + Home; the contents of the cell are highlighted.


Why can't we have all of the Windows shortcuts?  Or am I missing something here?


Some of my workflows requires about 2 hours to run. Would like a stopwatch feature on the workflow UI or application after I begin running it. Would like to get an email when completed, as well. Thx




I think it would be great if the run time of a workflow could be displayed by tool or container. This would make refining the workflow at completion a lot easier and also help with thinking of better solutions. Even cooler would be some kind of speed heat map.




Idea to have the option to include the workflow "meta info" (last tab of the workflow configuration when clicking on the cavas) when printing the workflow.

The Meta Info desciption and author sections would be particularly of value. Currently on the long file name is embedded in the header.


When building workflows, it would be nice to have "Save Workflow" and "Run Workflow" added to the right click menu when in the canvas.




Add to Right Click menu:

Save Workflow

Run Workflow



 Looking forward to be able to select one of the available fields from a drop-down menu when populating a filter tool...







Alteryx has a 3 hour demo session on CloudShare which is very useful for quick demos...


How about having most up to date version of Alteryx as a demo as a starter?


  • Unfortunately it's 11.5 right now... Not 11.7!!!
  • I'm demoing the older, slower version to the clients.





Would be nice to make it so if I change from RowCount to index it all is linked together.


Something like a $FieldName$ which would automatically get substituted. 


Also nice in other formula tools, but most useful in places where name needs to be duplicated over and over




Would it be possible to add to the Workflow Configuration / Runtime options so that we can disable all 'Connector' input tools from connecting with the external source.  At the moment, I need to put the workflow within a Container so that I can disable this rather than have it refresh from the source every time it is run.  This means that I could have all my code within the same workflow but make selections that control whether it refreshes from the source data or uses a local copy that has previously been downloaded.


I hope that this makes sense....



I would like to suggest a Canvas Mode: Can you make a feature where it is possible to maximise/full screen the canvas only (so that it pops up in a separate window)? I work on two screens so it would be handy to have the tools and ribbons with the results preview on one screen and a pure canvas designer on the other. 


Kind regards,





I have the Results pane docked across the bottom of the interface and have selected auto-hide. When I click on a tool's incoming or outgoing connection, the Results pane opens and will not auto-hide (it's been automatically selected as Dockable). 


Would be great if the auto-hide selection was not overridden when selecting the connection.




In the Input tool, it would be useful to have the Saved Database Connections options higher in the menu, not last. Most users I know frequently use this drop down, and I find myself always grabbing the Other Databases options instead as it expands before my mouse gets down to the next one. I would vote to have it directly after File..., that way the top two options are available, either desktop data or "your" server data. To me, all the other options are one offs on a come by come basis, don't need to be above things that are used with a lot more frequency. Just two cents from a long time the product either way!







Eli Brooks


My client today asked if Alteryx could be configured to build/run horizontally from right to left.  Thought I'd post the idea. 

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