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Output to batched .zip file for csv, pdf, xlsx

Referencing the previous idea: Inputs/Output should have the option to read/write a compressed file (ZIP or GZIP)


This idea has been implemented for inputting .zip files. However, we still need to use the run command workaround for outputs. It's very common for many users to want to output their .csv, .xlsx, .pdf to a .zip. The functionality would also need to extend to Gallery.


See the following links for people that are looking for this type of functionality:


Feel free to merge this idea with the previous one for continuity.

5 - Atom

Yes, this is a definite need for server. 

8 - Asteroid

I work for a Fortune 500 who would love to see this!

7 - Meteor

At a fortune 500: there's a huge need to be able to "Download all" from the Gallery. There are currently dozens of staff downloading dozens of output files at the end of each run, which Is a huge waste.

5 - Atom

The lack of this really limits the benfits of the batch reporting tools. Please add this.

8 - Asteroid

Any updates on this ?

Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team

hi everyone, I am working now to get you an update, cheers.