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Zip files

8 - Asteroid

Hi Is there a way, where i can take 2 text file which are static and 2 excel sheets which are going to be built in Alteryx. I was wondering how can i zip the 4 files together using Alteryx before placing the zip file onto an FTP site?

17 - Castor
17 - Castor

I think the general process should go something like this:


- Use Alteryx to save all 4 files in the same folder.

- Use the Run Command tool to execute a batch file that compresses that folder into a zip file.


Here's a few articles discussing the use of batch files to zip files/folders:


8 - Asteroid

I am trying to set up a run command that runs the 7-zip exe and then run command


7z a -tzip file1.xlsx, file2.xlsm


But it is coming up with the following error code 


Error: Run Command (1): The external program "C:\Program Files (x86)\7-Zip\7z.exe" returned an error code: 7


But cant find anything that tells me what the error code is? any ideas?

20 - Arcturus
20 - Arcturus



It looks like you really want something like:



7z a -tzip file1.xlsx, file2.xlsm


Here's a snip of the manual:


Adds files to archive.


7z a -tzip subdir\

adds all files and subfolders from folder subdir to archive

7z a -t7z Files.7z *.txt -r

adds all *.txt files from current folder and its subfolders to archive Files.7z.

Switches that can be used with this command

-i (Include)
-m (Method)
-p (Set Password)
-r (Recurse)
-sfx (create SFX)
-si (use StdIn)
-so (use StdOut)
-t (Type of archive)
-u (Update)
-v (Volumes)
-w (Working Dir)
-x (Exclude)

See also

Commands: d (Delete), u (Update)
Switches: -u (Update)





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7 - Meteor

Can you please share the Alteryx workflow with this zipping functionality? Plus, how is this zipped file outputted to users? 

Hi @AndrewCrayford  @SriKoka 


This is a workflow sample to show how this could be achieved. Hope it helps. Cheers!






7 - Meteor

Thank you @christine_assaad. This is very helpful.