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Inputs/Output should have the option to read/write a compressed file (ZIP or GZIP)

Both Input and Output tools should have the ability to read or write any file type from/into standard compression types (ZIP and GZIP). This would be helpful when managing large files.


Thanks for confirmation Alex.


Is adding this functionality to the output tool in the pipeline?

Community Content Engineer
Community Content Engineer

How about .gz files? Is that on the roadmap anywhere?  Thanks, @AlexP


Hi @RyanNewsome,


Sorry I missed your original post. Currently, we do not have outout to zip planned. Most of our use cases centered around the need for inputting zip files as opposed to outputting them. If we get enough demand, we'll re-evaluate.


Hi @CristonS,


We do not currently have .gz files on the roadmap.




Hi @AlexP ,


Not a worry. I really do think there is already enough demand for this though. Outputting files to zip/.gz/tar etc. is a very common interface requirement. If RTools was installed as part of the Alteryx predictive installation, I'm sure the Alteryx wizards could create some nice R-macro based tools?


Hi @CristonS

Here is a macro that alllows 'output to zip'

A newer improved version will be coming shortly, with the SFTP part fixed and other enhancements.


But from your comment I am presuming you are more interested in decompressing a gzip file instead of compressing to gzip. If you have the time, install R tools and copy the gzip.exe file to the Alteryx folders. You should be able to write a simple R script to decompress a gzip file shows how to use. Please share on the community forums if you create anything?



ACE Emeritus
ACE Emeritus

I would love to have the ability to read a .gz file.  Thanks.