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How To: Obtain the Client ID and Client Secret to use with the Google Connectors

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How To: Obtain the Client ID and Client Secret to be used with the Google Connectors

The following steps detail how to obtain the Client ID and Client Secret that can be used for authentication with Google related tools. These two values are required when selecting the 'Optional OAuth2 Overrides' option on the Google Sheets connectors. 


  • Google Sheets Tools
    • 2.1.0+
To download the connector:Click here


1. Open the Google Developer Console
2. Login with the Google account associated with the data you would like to analyze
3. Create a new project by clicking the project dropdown and selecting New Project
4. Enter a project name of your choosing and click Create
5. Note that your new project is the one selected at the top of the Dashboard and click on the OAuth consent screen menu option
6. Fill in the required details on the app registration screen. Note that your email address will need to be added to the Test users section while the app publishing status is set to 'Testing'. This can be done by clicking on the +ADD USERS button. 
7. Once finished registering the app, return to the Dashboard
8. Click on the ENABLE APIS AND SERVICES link to enable the needed Google APIs
  • For Google Sheets
    • Google Sheets API
    • Google Drive API
9. After enabling the APIs, you can obtain API credentials by navigating back to the Credentials page
10. Click on +CREATE CREDENTIALS and select OAuth client ID 
11. For the Application type, select Desktop app
12. Enter a name for the credential and click on CREATE
13. In the following pop-up window you will be given a Client ID and Client Secret 
14. Copy the Client ID and Client Secret to use in Designer when authenticating with the Google Sheets tools. 

Common Issues

Issue 1: Selecting Web application as the credential type will not work for Google Sheets and will result in a redirect_uri_mismatch error. 
Resolution: Use the Desktop app credential type as specified in the steps above

Issue 2: 'The server received a request but refuses to authorize it' error is thrown in Designer after attempting to authenticate with the Client Id and Client Secret 
Resolution: Ensure that both the Google Sheets API and Google Drive API are enabled as specified in the steps above
 Issue 3: If the Application API isn't verified by Google yet, proceed with clicking on Continue

Click on Continue again to allow all requested access.