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5 - Atom

I've downloaded this tool and it doesn't show all the files that I have access to when I try to find it within "Google Sheet Input". Specifically, I'm looking for a google sheet that I have access to and it doesn't appear in the dropdown for Google. Could you assist me here?




5 - Atom

I'm seeing the files in my private folder but not the files in my shared folder. Is there a way to access them?

5 - Atom

I've installed the latest version of Designer. Every time I try to connect in order to configure the tool, Alteryx freezes and crashes. Does anyone else experience this or know what could be causing this?

5 - Atom

Hi @pdamani.  After I upgraded to Alteryx Designer 2022.1 the Google Sheets Output tool stopped working for me.  Here is how I described it to Alteryx Support:


When attempting to configure the Google Sheets Output tool, I am presented with the "Connect" button. When I click this, a medium-sized window pops up very briefly (I assume that this is an attempt to load the Google OAuth screen), but then immediately disappears.


I have Case# 00546518 open with Support which they have acknowledged, but have not really done any analysis of yet.