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Output to batched .zip file for csv, pdf, xlsx

Referencing the previous idea: Inputs/Output should have the option to read/write a compressed file (ZIP or GZIP)


This idea has been implemented for inputting .zip files. However, we still need to use the run command workaround for outputs. It's very common for many users to want to output their .csv, .xlsx, .pdf to a .zip. The functionality would also need to extend to Gallery.


See the following links for people that are looking for this type of functionality:


Feel free to merge this idea with the previous one for continuity.

11 - Bolide

I am supporting a client who has one analytic application that batches out multiple CSVs (up to 25) to the Gallery.  The server is on a separate network with no access to data servers where they can output to.  The only access is through the Gallery.  The users have to download the CSV files one by one.

It seems very intuitive to have a Download All option where all of the outputs of a workflow are downloaded from the Results page of a workflow as a zipfile.  It also ensures that if a user didn't notice all of the files output, they would all be included anyway.

Please send us an update on this product ideas as it has 102 likes and many comments.


5 - Atom

We need this!  


I have workflow that produces output based on the city. Imagine downloading 120 city files individually! 

7 - Meteor

Please provide an update. This is still an issue with my F500 client and now another client.

7 - Meteor
Status changed to: Under Review