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Place Alternative Names in (parenthesis)

Hello...We've found that when we assign an alternative name to an asset, the alternative name becomes the first name listed, and the main name becomes listed within parenthesis. Could this be reversed? As it's always best to have the main name of the asset listed first, then any alternative names/alias to be listed within the parenthesis. It creates visual order having it displayed this way. We've ended up not utilizing the alternative name functionality to avoid any confusion for our users. 


Currently - CustyID, CID(CUSTOMER_ID)


Request - CUSTOMER_ID(CustyID, CID)



Status changed to: Implemented

Hi @NoSass,


this is not the first mention of such 'feature'. So know what? You got it! Consider it done in next release, i.e. 2019.2. 

I am quite confident with delivering it since we finished this feature about two weeks ago. The default will remain the same, but the admin will have the option to change the order per each asset type.


Awesome news. Thanks! @VojtechT