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Hi Alteryx team,


In Connect, there is a Table Details section of each page within Data sources, however it only shows the size for Files. It is not relevant for databases. Currently, database tables/views always show the size 0.0 bytes, which indicates the table is empty but it is not true.


Since it is not relevant, it should not be visible for DB objects at all. Instead, it would make sense to implement some basic statistics of the object like number of rows, number of columns etc.


2019-11-06 22_50_55-growth_published.advantaged_assets.png


Thank you,



In the Alteryx Gallery we have the ability to place workflows in Districts or Collections. This structure should be maintained in Connect. Similar to how Data sources are managed, instead of Data Source Servers, you have an area to select and filter by the various collections and districts in which workflows are contained.




I understand it is possible to integrate the users from active directory into Connect but there is no functionality to import actual user groups. Is that something that can be added to the roadmap?