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Active Directory groups in Connect



I understand it is possible to integrate the users from active directory into Connect but there is no functionality to import actual user groups. Is that something that can be added to the roadmap?




Status changed to: Accepted

Yes, this already is on our Roadmap and we would like to deliver this feature in this year.


Alteryx Certified Partner

That is good news, thank you very much. Are you expecting this feature in 2019.3 or .4?


Was planned for 2019.3 but has been postponed to 2019.4. However, I cannot promise that.

Alteryx Certified Partner

Use Enterprise Active directory groups to manage Alteryx Connect permissions. Often, large organizations have strong security policies and security administrators would like to manage all application group membership via one interface. So the idea is to set up inside Alteryx Connect correspondence between Connect groups and AD groups. And synchronize group membership automatically on a regular basis.

Alteryx Certified Partner
The Hades Ferryman



Hello! I wanted to let you know I've moved your ideas about the Active Directories for Connect to here. Thank you all for your idea and contributing to the growth of Alteryx!  

Status changed to: Coming Soon

Hi guys, 

we just started working on it. Not only groups, but also users of course.


Please let me know if you have any special request for it. 


The Hades Ferryman
Status changed to: Implemented

Thank you for your feedback!


We've included the ability to import user groups from an Active Directory in our latest release of Connect, 2020.2! You can find the download for this version here.