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Make the search in 19.2 more obvious

We are implementing 19.2 of Connect after trialling 19.1. Our users are missing seeing the Search option and when I look back at the old version it seems much more obvious than from the 19.2 version. It would be good to have the search much more obvious from a UI perspective.

Status changed to: Under Review

Hi @JoTP ,


I agree with you. I am also not very happy about it but in order to have the same look and fool across our platform we had to accommodate to it. 


When you say "more obvious" - does it necessarily mean "bigger" or maybe just better contrast from the background would do the job? What do you think?


Hi @VojtechT 


I think more contrast would help, wider as well would be even better. I'm sure there are some UI experts out there who could weigh in on this 🙂