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Mobile version of the community

It would be wonderful to have a rich mobile version of the community.


Lithium has an experimental (beta) version out there, and if Alteryx can adopt this we can use the power of the alteryx community to test this and make this bullet proof.


Hopefully this lithium mobile app can be used on any lithium-powered site without re-engineering?


10 - Fireball

This needs to happen and will be a great way to stay connected with the whole wide world(www).community.alteryx. 


It will also enable more people to be able to share ideas since it is mandatory to sign in every few hours to be able to post , share, give stars or answer questions. 


@ @@@SeanAdams great idea. My +100 and 👍🏽to this.


@ydmuley , @marqueeCrew what do you think ? 

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)
Status changed to: Not Planned

Hey @SeanAdams I dream of a mobile future too haha


Unfortunately, it's not in the cards at the moment - that being said we are refocusing a bit to move the site into a more lightweight and mobile-friendly version by paying attention to the size of the assets we're using and reactive components that look good in different aspect ratios.


Once we start to seriously consider this, I'll be sure to update the idea.

5 - Atom

As a new user to this community, I am very interested in this idea in order to quickly find solutions, and one day provide solutions, from a mobile device.


Has there been any headway on this topic?