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Celebrate and explain big features on YouTube

In the 2023.1 release - the Alteryx Designer team have delivered one of the most requested features ever - and this brings a huge amount of power to the designer allowing developers to do things that they have never been able to do before!


(see Control Container Tool | Alteryx Help)


Now although Alteryx did release an introductory video on the features in 2023.1 (1) What’s new in Alteryx 2023.1 | Enterprise Ready, Cloud Friendly - YouTube - it seems that there would be a lot of value in releasing a series of small videos to showcase how this helps.


For example

- there could be one video showing off an example that is very tough without dependancy control (e.g. writing to the same excel sheet; or sending an eMail only after the data has been updated; or loading a customer table and only then loading up the customer transactions)

- there's another video showing off the logging aspects

- another showing how the conditional execution simplifies all of your canvasses - e.g. if there are no rows, you can prevent an entire area from running, so you don't have to manage the zero rows issues that you did previously


If you do these videos like other software companies do - showing just how much time and effort it saves in these scenarios (i.e. a before and after) then people will really understand just how big a deal this is.


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