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I would like to set a retry count when scheduling a job, and also to specify to duration in between retries, e.g. job fails, but then will retry to run 3 times with a 5 minute wait in between each retry.


Also would like a radio button next to all workflow results, so when you get a list of failed jobs you can click all the jobs and then hit rerun.  This should be complimented with select all functionality.  This will prevent me from having to go into each job and rerunning, i.e. save me loadsa clicks! 

The current setup of Data Connections, as of v11.3, relies on users to have the same aliases or connection strings available to easily share Workflows and publish them to a Gallery. In order to solve this, I propose that a system be created that allows users to establish "Local" and "Remote" connections. The Local connections will be used anytime the developer is creating a Workflow on his own computer, but will be automatically substituted with the Remote connection information once the Workflow is published. Remote connections may be filled with an Alias to a connection from the Gallery.


The primary benefit of this is that an organization will not need all of their developers to standardize their aliases and/or connections strings per connection. Instead, they will create one connection within the Gallery that will be distributed to developers and applied to the Remote column. This will generally reduce difficulties regarding the expansion of an Alteryx user base within an organization. Below I will outline two possible implementations of this:


1) Add a Remote Connection String field when adding a connection in the Data Connection Manager. This optional field will allow the user to set only one connection to an IO transaction, but maintain the Local-Remote functionality described above. Here is a mockup of how that might look within Alteryx Designer. Local-Remote Connection Mockup 1.png


2) Add a Remote Connection String field on each IO action within Alteryx. This will give the developers more flexibility in which connections are used where, but will also require more setup and maintenance time. Below is a mockup of how that might look.Local-Remote Connection Mockup 2.png

Hi all,

@AlexKo did an excellent article on RegEx, and Mark @MarqueeCrew Frisch has helped me out of many pickles with Regex - and one of the things that I've discussed with a few folk on the community is that Regex is super-powerful ( @Ken_Black made this same comment) and can do way more than we initially understand.


The problem is not one of the power of the tool, but rather the onramp to using it (it's painful to do/experiment/run/try etc, it doesn't give you any visual guides or hints when you've got it right or wrong, etc)


My method is to hop straight on to http://regex101, paste in sample text, and figure out the right RegEx in their AWESOME UI which really make this into a 5 minute job, and makes me feel like I've scored at least one victory today (it is so easy, you actually feel more powerful and competent).


Could we bring some of this great User Interaction design into the RegEx tool?   I honestly believe that if the RegEx tool was as easy and approachable as (or why not go one better than them), we'd see an explosion in usage and creativity.


Thank you all


There needs to be a means for admin to transfer ownership of workflows and/or collections,  as the admin currently has no access to collections. If a user were to leave the company abruptly today, it would be a scramble and long manual process to try to identify, download, and resave all workflows that they may own.  It would not be possible to identify who had permissions to those workflows if they were maintained within a collection.

This request is super simple!  I love how Alteryx displays the row count and size of the data passing through each tool at run time.  Can you set the default formatting for the row count indicators to be #,###?  Without the commas, it's hard to easily check the row count once you get more than 6-9 digits.


In the example below, it would be so much more readable if it displayed as 75,640,320.



This might be an edge case, but it would be nice to be able to parse a file using a Regex in the Text to Columns Tool, or specifying a delimiter as a Regex:

Consider the following pandas code where one can easily pull in a file with a bad delimiter

In Alteryx, you would be forced to read in the file with no delimiter, and set the field length to be extremely long, and parse out the contents manually.


filename = ""
df = pd.read_csv(filename, sep=r',(?!\s)')


In the community and in mixed teams - it's very common for people to be caught on the error that "This document was created in a more recent version".   Although there are several workarounds (e.g. this one from @WayneW  here, this seems like it may be an easy problem to solve more permanently.


Could we add an option to Alteryx to save the file with the lowest compatible version number?

So - for example - if i'm only using components that shipped with version 10, then please mark the file as version 10.   If I've used a tool that shipped in 11.0.6 then that needs to be the version number.


This way - files will be back-compatible as far as is possible by default unless using newer components.


Many thanks


Now that the formula tool has syntaxing and highlighting and autofilling, it would be great if it would color things differently depending on the datatype. Currently fields are blue and constants are green when I go to select them:


I think the constants can remain green, but then maybe have something like: strings = blue, numbers=red, dates=orange, blobs/spatials/bool/anything else=black (or any other colors that look good). Then the formula tool would also have similar colors. Currently my fields and constants both look purplish:


Instead, I think the colors should remain the same (ie. ALAE Reserve should be blue and the engine should be green)


Apache ORC is commonly used in the context of Hive, Presto, and AWS Athena. A common pattern for us is to use Alteryx to generate Apache Avro files, then convert them to ORC using Hive. For smaller data sizes, it would be convenient to be able to simply output data in the ORC format using Alteryx and skip the extra conversion step.


ORC supports a variety of storage options that users may wish to override from sensible Alteryx defaults. We typically use the SNAPPY compression codec.

This is a suggestion for improving the current Apache Avro output support. It would be nice to have a way to also output to a JSON file the Avro schema associated with the Avro data file.


- In the output tool, provide a file browse option to optionally write out the Avro schema JSON file

- Introduce a new tool or function to extract an Avro schema document from an existing Avro file and then save it to JSON

I came up with an idea while replying to @Deeksha. An interesting option to secure the data would be to encrypt the data sets and "license" it to

  • specific users
  • specific time spans or
  • people with certain credentials

just like we do by encrypting the workflow...











Please could you enhance the Alteryx download tool to support SFTP connections with Private Key authentication as well.  This is not currently supported and all of our SFTP use cases use PK.

Be able to subscribe to a concrete App in the Gallery so you can receive an email or notification when an App is updated. Several times I have been using an App that suddenly stops working properly because there's a new version available, but actually there's no way to be aware of this unless you check the date of the last version updated.


It will be ideal if you could subscribe to the app to receive new updates notifications or if Alteryx Designer could give automatically notifications of updates in the Gallery of Apps you have installed.

How about giving an auto-layout button to help easily layout the canvas even if the user has not neatly created the workflow?

We uncovered a possibility  in which the user  may potentially output a huge file into the Alteryx database  without specifying an external system to house it - which could  possibly take up a lot of space in the  database we use for running Alteryx (store schedules, user and run data to name a few), this  may even bring down the environment  and sure doesn't seem like a good practice.

Can you please   include  a  check  to ensure that  this  can be disabled or capped ( specify a limit on the size) ?



At our organization we are required to change our passwords every few months forcing a change to my Tableau Server password.  How does this relate to Alteryx?  Well, every 90 days I have to change my password in the "Publish to Tableau Server Tool" for all of my workflows.  This is quite a cumbersome process that could be eliminated with AD.


If you dislike manually changing your for each workflow that uses this tool then "star" this post!






When trying to move and order the districts, it gives the impression that you can organize them in a particular order..

Districts Don't change order.jpg


But what comes out on the Gallery side remains in Alphabetical order..

Districts Don't change order2.jpg


Can this bug be fixed please

I frequently make analytic apps for my clients that requires them to enter information or parameters to the workflow via a prompt before running. The user could be entering codes that will affect a certain filter or it could be a prompt to browse to the new source file required to run the workflow. In order to make adjustments to the workflow itself, I need to work in Debug mode so that I can see the data as it passes through each node in the workflow. Once I am done making all of the changes in debug mode and I am satisfied with how it works, I then have to remember each change I made, and copy and paste each tool and its contents over to the workflow that I am debugging. This is a pain because it is like I am fixing the workflow twice. A good solution to this would be allowing the user to apply changes made in debug to the workflow you are debugging, so that there is no duplication of efforts!

Up to version 10.0 I could open pretty much all analytics tools as a macro, to tweak things in R or in the macro workflow to get the results in a way most useful to us.


But apparently with Alteryx 11.0 the newer tools does not have that option, Although we can still access the older versions of those tools and still open them as macro but I don't understand (may be because they have interactive report option) why that is being killed in the newer versions? 


Most of the newer versions have new features, like Linear Regression now support elastic net and cross validation etc.. but I still want to be able to go in to them to tweak them.

There are times where I create several points in a row. I then have to either add a Select tool after each to rename, or remember which is which and rename in a Select Tool after all. It would make things more efficient if I could name the output field of the Create Points Tool directly in the tool configuration.



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