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Wanted to control the order of execution of objects in Alteryx WF but right now we have ONLY block until done which is not right choice for so many cases 

Can we have a container (say Sequence Container) and put piece of logic in each container and have control by connecting each container?
Hope this way we can control the execution order
It may be something looks like below


When use Sql-Server build Stored Procedure where list in the Input Data Tool. So able to work with SPs.

When I use Oracle build Stored Procedure where not list in the Input Data Tool. So not  able to work with SPs.


Oracle, Sql-Server and MySql you can build Stored Procedure.


It would be great if when Alteryx for this Databases have implemented the same functionality.


So it can not be made dependent on the using Database to decide for Alteryx. 






I've seen several posts and questions concerning NULL dates.  Is 09/31/2010 a valid date?  I know that 02/29/206 isn't valid and that 02/00/2006 isn't either, but I really don't like finding out about these in conversion warning messages.


I might suggest a function that returns True or False on the date check and let the user configure appropriate rules to rethink the attempted date prior to committing the field to the date data type.




A problem I'm currently trying to solve and feel like I'm spending way too much time on it..


I have a data set which has some data in it from multiple languages, and I only want English values.  I was able to get rid of the words with non English letters with a little regular expression and filtering.  However, there's some words that do contain all English letters but aren't English.  What I'm trying to do is bring in an English dictionary to compare words and see which rows have non English words according to the dictionary.  However, this is proving to be a bit harder than I thought.  I think I can do it, but it feels like this should be much simpler than it is.


It would be great to have a tool that would run a "spell check" on fields (almost all dictionaries for all languages are available free online).  This could also be useful also just for cleaning up open text types of data where people type stuff in quickly and don't re-read it! :-)

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How about adding the ability to split intersecting trade areas at the points of intersection to create two new spatial objects.  The two objects could then be used to process customer records and divide them into "territories" based on  the line of intersection.



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In a large Alteryx workflow/app I attempt to make a call to the GA API. The exact type of call depends on a tick box, which diverts control paramaters to different modules via a detour. When running the workflow I receive an error notification saying "you have found a bug, please let us know". Each module works fine individually in separate workflows, but it seems to be the specific setup here which is causing the issue. If anyone can help me out with this it would be much appreciated.



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For a multi tenant Gallery environment it would be great if one could define a dedicated stylesheet / "them" per tenant. Currently, the Gallery allows for only one theme as to be defined in the general admin section of the gallery.

On the RedShift Bulk Loader add support for Redshift options:


  • TRUNCATECOLUMNS (automatically truncates any fields to the defined in the table)


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Cisco, which has been building enterprise networks, and is literally close to the Internet of Things, is creating some data products, perhaps a platform, perhaps a suite, to handle big data. Part of their offering is DNA Data Virtualization ( Compare Cisco at 75,000 employees to SAS at 15,000. 

Hi, I'm becoming a heavy user of the Documentation Tools known as containers and comments. However, I am currently finding it tedious that I have to alter their settings individually or alternatively have to copy and paste a container or comment that has the formatting I want to replicate the formatting of.


I would like to be able to document the containers and comments quickly and then assess how each of them will be assigned colour and fonts to make the readability of the End to End workflow easier. I find in the Microsoft Office products the copy formatting paint brush is really good for this, it would be great if Alteryx could offer a similar function. 


It's not a world changer in terms of functionality but it would improve the user experience and the speed at which I could produce a tidy ETL workflow using Alteryx. 

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I want to use Alteryx to pull data from a SharePoint List.  This shouldn't be a problem, but I use SharePoint Content Types.  Alteryx won't allow me to import any list that has Content Types enabled; thus rendering the SP list input type not usable. 

My interim workaround is to create a data connection thru excel to the list and then pull the data in that way, but optimally, I would like to pull directly from the list.


Content types are a best practice in SharePoint, so any list or library in my site collection contains them.


Please update the SharePoint list input to support content types.


thank you,


Someone else inquired about this but I didn't see an idea entered /




Limit conversion warning allows for a minimum of 1 message.  Can we set the minimum to 0 to completely ignore the message?


Perhaps we can allow warning messages a similar function as ERROR messages and allow the designer to Ignore, Warn or Cancel?


ConvError: Imputation (441): Tool #104: No demand: 0.200000000000031 had more precision than a double. Some precision was lost.

ConvError: Summarize (456): Data: 0.360000000004675 had more precision than a double. Some precision was lost.


End: Designer x64: Finished running FP Model - Marquee Crew v3.yxmd in 32.3 seconds with 16 field conversion errors and 4 warnings





Abiltiy to have multiple streams come into/out of 'Block Until Done' tool.
Allow User to set priorities of streams in tool and to be able to release streams in a certain order.
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In any large IT environment - you will have multiple systems which each use different nomenclature to describe the same thing


This relates to products; currencies; customers; suppliers; trade types; etc.


At present - our users are bridging this gap either by:

a) creating a bunch of excel spreadsheets with "Magic Code Translation Tables" - which is unfortunate because these become unmaintainable very quickly and live on people's desktops (and are not reusable assets) or

b) creating a whole morass of one-way-translation tables to translate from each input source to the normalized format - these are all hand-rolled translation tables; with hand-rolled ways of adding translations etc.



What would be very useful is to allow Alteryx users to specify these kinds of domain concepts on the Alteryx server, with a flexible way of adding synonyms.  For example - our master customer list is kept on the server with a master customer ID (call it MID for Master).   If I'm dealing with a new system that uses a different customer ID (call it NsID for New SystemID), then I can map the NsID to the MID centrally so that anyone who wants to do analytics on this data can just drag in a converter from NsID to MID; and also drag in the master customer list with the MIDs.


This would allow all these Magic Translation Tables to become an enterprise asset rather than isolated data islands, and act as an accelerator for every other team using this data.






It would be awesome if I could re-display the users selections to them before I continue with the remainder of the workflow in an analytic app. That way, I could collect all of the UI inputs, do my validation on the values provided and then re-display the selections/options/text to the user so they can confirm that they are correct and they wish to continue, or they can stop the processing and make changes via the already-open UI without having to re-enter everything from scratch.


Then, when someone selects something that's potentially harmful or very time consuming, I can confirm their selections and alert them to potential issues.

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Please consider displaying the count of records identified by the tool in the image of the tool on the workflow screen.  


This will save time when analyzing data: I will no longer need to copy and paste the values into a comment.  The value will be "captured" because I tend to print these particular work flows as pdf's.




Many people maintain valuable information in Excel files, and many organizations, like ours, also use SharePoint to store and share structured and unstructured information. We see most user-generated and maintained data in Excel files in SharePoint document libraries, and one of the great benefits of Alteryx is the ability to join that Excel data with other data sources.  Unfortunately, the v11.0 Scheduler cannot resolve the UNC-style ( \\server@SSL\DavWWWRoot\site-name\document-library\filename ) addresses, so workflows that access this valuable SharePoint Excel data must be run manually. The SharePoint List Input tool can read the list-style metadata for Document Library files, but does not access the file content.

The Scheduler should be enhanced so that scheduled workflows can read Excel data stored in SharePoint Document Libraries. 

In the question type "DropDown/ListBox", there's an option to use an external file. The file should be able to influence whether the record is selected or not. Maybe there's a reserved column name called "SELECTED" which could contain True/False values which the UI would key off.
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recently loaded the new V11 and gettting used to it.  one immediate gripe is the new version of the Formula Tool no longer supports multiple field actions.  In the prior version I could change Data Types on many fields at once.  I could move multiple fields in a block at once.  there were a few other things but these are things I am sorely missing on my first use of V11.  I created about 20 fields in quick succession just getting names down and then going back and putting in formula which were variations on a theme.  When done I noticed the default DataType was V_WString and I wanted integer.  In the past it was no big deal because I could select the block or interspersed fields and then right click to change data type for all to the same data type.  it was very handy and now appears to be gone.  please bring these things back.

Hello! Almost all statistical softwares allow for the analyst to use either a pairwise or a listwise option when applying clustering techinques. This option affects only how the inner distance matrix is built, and after that whichever algorithm you choose is peformed. However in Alteryx [K-Centroids] by default does listwise, classifying only those records where the selected variables have no nulls.


Please consider adding this option!


PS: the difference is pairwise will build the distance between 2 variables depending on those records that have no nulls on both variables, while listwise will run the distance matrix after it has checked for complete non null records in all variables of interest (not one at a time distance calculation).

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