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It would be useful to have the WorkflowName captured as one of the default Engine constants. The WorkflowDirectory is included so why not the WorkflowName as well?


I often have to use configuration files to pass in values to workflows meaning the workflow name needs to be manually entered into the workflow, either as a text input or User Constant, which feels like an unnecessary step as Alteryx must know the name of the workflow once it has been saved.

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Sometimes in a crowded workflow, connector lines bunch up and align across the title bar of a tool container.  This blocks my view of the title, but also makes it hard to 'grab' the tool container and move it.


Could Alteryx divert lines around tool containers that they don't connect into, or make tool containers 'grab-able' at locations other than the title bar?


Image demonstrating connector line overlap



Please enable wildcard ability for the Amazon S3 Download Tool.


Add this to the "Object Name" field in configurations.


The current workaround is to use a macro to iterate over the filenames matching a pattern.

Adding this ability in the connector would remove the need for a macro.


Thank you.



This is not a terribly important thing, but in the formula tool, the nitty gritty details of the Expression almost never fit into the annotation space. It would be nice if the annotation by default just contained the names of the variables being derived.  So, e.g. if I'm deriving "CalcVar1", "CalcVar2", "CalcVar3" and so forth, the default annotation would just be:

This gives a much cleaner (by default) canvas.  The same concept applies to the MultiRow and MultiField Formula tools, perhaps others.  Just a thought and obviously not very important.  Thanks.


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Working for an education company, it would be a huge value for us to be able to have the US school districts available in the spatial sweet of apps, so I could take all of the US schools that are customers and map them to their School Districts in a polygon map.

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It would be great for Alteryx to provide the UI to allow the user to maintain the data on the target table through Alteryx. The workflow application would be a standard way to maintain reference data.


This would allow us to deliver a quick way to interface with relational tables. Something similar to the following projects:


- django admin site

- phpgrid

- etc.



This would avoid using Microsoft Access for example for quick table edits and using the simplified Alteryx app instead

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I see the mention of VR but has anyone talked about touch screen capabilities with Alteryx?  Would make even the tough projects more fun!

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In the same way In-DB generates SQL, might it be possible to have an In-PowerBI and generate DAX?

Currently if I receive a file where fields are empty rather than Null(), the summarize won't count them with the CountNull option. Fairly easy to put a formula right before when there is just a couple of fields and change with an IF IsEmpty() but with a file with a large number of fields and large file size, a multiple field tool eats up a lot of time converting.  Not sure if it would just be trading processing speed in the summarize to do basically the same thing.

If you have a complex SQL query with a number of dynamic substitutions (e.g. Update WHERE Clause, Replace a Specific String), it would be nice to be able to optionally ouput the SQL that is being executed. This would be particuarly useful for debugging.

I have tables that I need to run ETL jobs on every 5 mins. But, a batch job runs every day for an hour at the same hour. During that time I can't query the source.
With the current scheduler setup; it appears that my only option would be set up multiple schedules. Each running once a day, and a separate schedule for every 5 minute increment of the day with the exception of the one hour my source can't be touched.
Rather than that degree of hassle, doesn't it make more sense to set up a scheduled with and/or/not criteria?
Run every X minutes on Y days
Except: during %t am - %t am on Z days

I've seen some applications that have a visual scheduler for setting the exception times. That would be pretty cool too.
Bonus points if you can make an admin console for the server which allows the admin to set blackout date/time by table or DSN for all users (override their schedules).

I think it would be incredibly helpful for Alteryx to include a "Fuzzy Join" operator, similar to what is described in this article:


Virtually every client/project I work on, there is a nead to clean up data.  Most of the time, that involved standardizing to some existing list of data.  However, as we all know, data from differnet systems or being manually collected will not match perfectly in all cases.  This is most often when I tend to use the Fuzzy Match tool.


However, I have to use a lot of weird steps to effectively create a "Fuzzy Join", which is something I've done using database functions in the past.  I think it would be great if a new tool were created that would do the following:

  • Accept two inputs, one for the "raw" data and another for the "list" of data to match to.
  • Perform a fuzzy join based on similar functionality to the fuzzy match, convert data to metaphone keys and then run Jaro/Levenstein matches.  By default, return only the highest matching result.
  • Expand the pre-process functionality to include words to exclude from the analysis (beyond just "and", "the" and "in").  
  • Match on the whole string.  No need to try and do joins based on partial words within a string.


This seems like a very common thing (I've created a macro for this anyway) that could be made to be simpler for everyday use.



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It might be useful to have an option in the drivetime setup to have an option to exclude toll roads.

It would be great if we could have a Windows Active Directory data connector tool added to the standard Alteryx toolset.


MS Excel Power Query and PowerBI both can connect to Active Directory for use as a data source, but are both very cumbersome to use.  Having a connector in Alteryx that can read AD data into a workflow would be super helpful for a long list of use cases.  A couple that are top of mind for me are:


-Leveraging group membership info for dynamic distribution of reports or datasets

-Being able to build reporting and dashboards about the organization (useful for Tech audit, HR, etc.) 


I've seen links to an old project on GitHub of someone that started development on this, but the method (just copy these random .dlls into your program directory) is seriously frowned upon by any enterpise IT.  Would be great if Alteryx could pick up that work, polish it a bit and add it to the actual Alteryx Designer toolset.

As a MicroStrategy customer it would be nice if Alteryx would support output for either the .mstr file format or better direct creation and publication of the iCUBE, intelligent cube format on their server solution. This would be similar to the existing features of writing a twbx or  TDE file extract and publish to Tableau server.

Opposite if the Input connector could read from an intelligence cube on the MSTR iServer as datasource that would be great as well.

Below a link to their SOA webservices documentation to pull data into applications, perhaps an option.

Data as a Service




Instead of having multiple filters to create mutliples new branches for downstream analysis, Alteryx should have one filter with multiples ouputs ports. Each filter would is own statement. 

This would reduce the numbers of filters in a canvas.
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I would love the ability to double click a un-named tab and rename it for 'temp' workflows.


eg - "New Workflow*" to "working on macro update"... 



  1. when designer crashes it is a huge pain to go through auto saves with "New Workflow*" names to find the one you need
  2. I work on a lot of projects at once and pull bits of code out and work on small subset and then get destracted and have to move over to another project. With mulitpule windows and tabs open it gets confusing with 10 'new worflow' tabs open.
  3. Allows for better orginaization of open tabs - can drag tabs into groups and in order to know where to start from last time.





Storing macros in a central 'library' and accessing them via the "Macro Search Path" is great for ensuring that everyone is using the same code.


It would be great if the Alteryx installation process prompted for this information. In that way, a new user would automatically have access to the macros.

I'm loving the ability to read from a zip file! However, I would love the ability to read all file types. For me, I don't see .accdb or .flat, and I assume other folks might be missing other file formats that they use. I find it confusing that the input tool accepts a lot of file types, but selecting the zip format then limits my choices. I believe @aguisande mentioned this issue in the 10.5 beta.



I was reading a post on the Community ( which reminded me of an idea that I had.


It would be really nice if a Gallery location could be used as a "Macro Search Path" so that macros don't need to be downloaded from the Gallery and saved locally to be used in a workflow.


So in addition to going to Options>User Settings>Edit User Settings>Macros and adding a local/network path, you could add your internal gallery information...

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