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text input 1000 cell limit...

Hi Alteryx,


I tried importing a file into my text input tool and I ran across this error.



Why is there a limit? Can we get rid of it since we're not living in DOS anymore.

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

I can't speak for why Alteryx imposed a limit on the Text Input tool but:


The Text Input tool is usually reserved for dummy, freeform, or example data input. If you needed to create a lookup table on the fly or send someone a small example in a module with five rows of dummy data, use the Text Input.


If you have text data already in a file use the Input tool; it has no limit.


That's true. However, I would like to have the data reside inside the module since it's static, protected, and relatively small; it's not worth having it exist in an external file referenced by input tool. Also, it does happen that files get accidentally lost or overwritten which could render your module useless.


I also like the text input since you can make changes right on the spot inside Alteryx. Maybe a Real Text Input tool needs to exist and the current text input tool is a misnomer and should be called sample input tool.