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please add Runtime Tab to macros

When I first started using Alteryx I did not use macros or the Runtime Tab much at all and now I use both a lot but...I can't use them together. 


When working in a macro there is no Runtime Tab. While working on a macro and testing it you can't take advantage of any of the handy features in the Runtime Tab.  I am assuming a macro will inherit any settings from the Flow that calls it, can't find anything in the community or "help" to confirm that though, but this is not helpful while developing and testing.


It would be especially useful to enable performance profiling.  I have macros within macros within macros, and sometimes the interactions can cause unexpected performance issues, and I really need to be able to dig down and identify where I can optimize things.

Alteryx Certified Partner

This setting would be incredibly useful for us. Specifically the 'disable tools that write output' option. 


We often have macro's that are 'endpoints', which write data to the database and do not stream it out. Testing these is a bit of a pain at the moment, as you have to delete the output connections or risk writing bad data to the database. 

Alteryx Certified Partner

This would be incredibly useful. I really miss the option Disable All Tools that Write Output when debugging macros.

Status changed to: Implemented

Thank you for this suggestion! We have implemented this in the 2020.4 release, available for download here: