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forced data type

After we change to a new type, the Forced option should be appear in the new type.


screenshot below is example, i change to V_string but the forced option is still in double.



it very annoying to change via 2 select tool or edit in xml



Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team

hi @Pang_Hee_Choy thanks for posting! For any incoming field (data type can be numeric, spatial, blob, etc), the Select tool gives you the option of updating that field type to [Type : Forced] in case you want to use that field in a macro. A V_String will have a [V_String : Forced] option, while a spatial object will have the [Spatial object: Forced] type. In other words, [Type : Forced] is a selectable option, not an indicator.


In your case, it looks like the field [Customer] was originally a double, so the Select tool gives the option of [Double : Forced] regardless of what you update the field type to. I hope that makes sense, please let me know if it doesn't!




9 - Comet


Yes, i understand that.


But the point is, I want it forced data type as V_String, because Join/formula later need V_String to proceed,

if not forced, it will Error in Application(yxwz) as it auto convert back to double.


Hence, i wish Alteryx able to change to forced option to the data type we changed. 



Original data type is Double, so the forced option is Double: Forced


After i changed to V_String, the forced option should be give to V_String : Forced instead of Double: Forced.


Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team

Yes, needing two tools to update a forced type is not ideal. We appreciate all the feedback we get and are working to review and respond to all ideas that have met the criteria to be brought to our product team.