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Write Alteryx field descriptions to database field comments

I feel like I must be missing something, but saw a similar suggestion for TDE outputs, so maybe this really doesn't currently exist. We sometimes add descriptions to fields we create, and some inputs come with descriptions, but we can't seem to get them into the final database using the Output tool. Can there be a checkbox to persist the metadata along with the data when writing to a database?


This is a great idea. Hopefully Alteryx is able to implement in the near future.

Alteryx Partner


this even should be an option in output AND in input. I would like to get the excel comment or the SQL comment in my field description. This would be a great difference with the other products.

Since 11/19/2018 the near future is now in the past... Is this available in version 2019.2 ?

Alteryx Partner

This would be a great feature and something our team is looking for. It will add value to Connect customer as well.