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Hotkey for Global Search

Rapid Mouseless Development Step forward!  We're so close -




1.  Add a hotkey to bring the cursor to Global Search and/or engage global search whenever you start typing in a contextless location (whitespace)

2.  Enable arrow key navigation of the elements of global search

3.  Hitting Enter key from global search would insert the selected tool after the last touched tool on a workflow or in the workflow at a logical point (bottom rightmost bound etc), focus would not be transferred to the inserted tool, but should either remain context-less or stay in Global search

4.  Hitting the TAB key from global search would insert the selected tool, just like Enter but take you to the first element of the inserted tool's configuration.


Take your development speed to new levels by reducing the keyboard to mouse to keyboard back and forth.





7 - Meteor

Love the idea!


Hot keys would be perfect ... thanks for posting

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