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Add ability to format connections

Currently you can just give a name to a connection:





But I would like to see the ability to apply additional formatting to a connection, most importantly color. 


Currently you can click on an individual tool and the incoming and outgoing connections will be color coded, but when working in a complicated workflow color coding would make understanding the connections easier, without the need to click on individual tools.


Just like the ability the right click on a tool and say "Make (incoming / outgoing) connections wireless" you should be able to right click on a tool and specify the formatting of all  incoming or outgoing connections.



13 - Pulsar

I really second the idea of color coding the connections... It will eventually look like a bomb maybe and some one will have to decide to cut the cord. Cut the red! no cut the blue....


Which cord? Red or blue?Which cord? Red or blue?



Don't forget to save 'Burbank' the cat...Don't forget to save 'Burbank' the cat...





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17 - Castor
17 - Castor

I'm surprised there aren't more likes here. The ability to color code individual connections would be nice.